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Ever since I started using Quizlet, my grades started to improve. Wouldn't have done it without you guys Quizlet! Thanks for everything. Happy Studying
dwane9903 59 sets
It is absolutely amazing, all I do is make the sets, then my classmates can use them if they forget their revision. And I prefer to learn this way, I would recommend it to anybody.
Ivo_Freeman 12 sets
My teacher said I should join, so i did and I've passed every test since then! LOVE QUIZLET!!! Awesome for learning languages! Thx quizlet!
Jazzy_Girl24 12 sets
Quizlet is the key for a student like me who needs a visual, competition, and repetition. I can't say they could add much more. Quizlet helps so much! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Quizlet is an awesome tool for learning all sorts of things - for me, it has helped my biology grades go up, but it can enable you to do better in whatever educational achievement you may be aspiring to excel in - with almost any subject. It is really the easiest way to learn stuff!
joexiques1 37 sets
I love Quizlet! It started when my Biology teacher gave me a link to a set of flashcards she made on here. Soon thereafter, I was so entranced that I made an account and a couple of my own sets to help me learn things better. It is now way easier for me to learn vocab words and I do better on tests and in general. THANK YOU QUIZLET!!!
renner34022110 15 sets
I started using Quizlet about a year ago. Since then, I have become a huge fan. Whenever any of my classes have vocabulary or concept problems, I make sets, or easily find them on Quizlet. I've also created classes for my school, and tell people about the amazing tool, that Quizlet is!
Najofish Plus 47 sets
My student's vocab quiz scores have increased dramatically since I introduced them to quizlet. They are learning the vocabulary faster and better!
Quizlet is helping me achieve in 6th grade. It is hard to fit in time to study, but with Quizlet just doing five minutes a day helps me. I have been getting A's on all of my tests. Quizlet is fun and at the same time it helps me study! :)
scooby1010 11 sets
I'm a bio/chem major in college and most of my upper level classes require a heavy amount of memorization (formulas, facts, molecules ect.) that's where I use my Quizlet. I can study on the bus, walking to class, at restaurants, where ever! This allows me use my time wisely!
AshileeT 14 sets
Quizlet is the soul reason for which I could memorize 2500+ words for my GRE exam preparation. Without it I don't know what I would have done.
omar_s_pathan 21 sets
I would never have the grades I do now if it wasn't for Quizlet. It is, hands down, the best tool for studying that I have ever used! Thanks so much for the amazing studying tools, Quizlet!
shree_sanjel 1 set
Introduced to my APUSH and my US History students. Great tool for previewing reading. Looking forward to strong results!
I started Biology this year and it is a tough subject with a ton of memorization along with it. If Quizlet hadn't been here I would have already failed several test. I am not good at memorization and this has really helped me to memorize things. Thank you so much for the efforts the Quizlet team have gone through to make Quizlet possible. I can't thank y'all enough!
Onya98 4 sets
During my Latin class, whenever we need to study, everyone turns to me and asks- "Jess, have you made a Quizlet?" Quizlet has made me the top student in my Latin class. It also helps me with vocabulary terms for English and Science. Thank you so much Quizlet!
JAM4242 8 sets
Quizlet has been an amazing addition to my school! We all LOVE it here. Its so useful and helps us in so many ways! Thanks Quizlet!
HMillar16 25 sets
Absolutely LOVE Quizlet! It's the perfect study tool for me. I have been getting 100s on all my vocab tests since I started using Quizlet! :)
cm0804 0 sets
Since I started using Quizlet, which I have used for 2 years, I have created 3,621 terms (and counting). I don't know what I would do without Quizlet! I use Quizlet for any Vocab Test whether it's for math, LA, Social Studies, etc. Quizlet is great because it lets us students use technology while studying and is more helpful than staring at a boring paper "studying." Thanks soooo much Quizlet!!!
Students love playing the games on our interactive digital whiteboard. Quizlet is a boon for all learning styles!!! My visual students love the pictures on the flashcards. My auditory students love that the cards "speak" to them. My kinesthetic students love to touch the cards, flip them, play the games and more. I print out sets and have students work in groups to play "Memory/Concentration" or to race to be the first group to make all of the matches. Parents like the free tutoring this provides. I can put an entire unit's list of words up, I can provide mini-sets to do "chunk and chew," and so much more. It also provides a legitimate homework option. Thank you, Quizlet!
My teachers recommended Quizlet and it helps me so much, I would never get these good grades if it wasn't for Quizlet. I recently got the highest grade in my 5th period-history class. History is one of my hardest subjects and Quizlet is the only reason why I got a 98 on my history test. THANKS QUIZLET SO MUCH :) ;)
scooby1010 11 sets
I would never have the grades I do now if it wasn't for Quizlet. It is, hands down, the best tool for studying that I have ever used! Thanks so much for the amazing studying tools, Quizlet!
This website has helped me SO very much!!! Now I'm getting an A in math and in science!!! My parents are proud of me and so am I now that I've seen what I'm capable of!!!!! ;0
When my friend showed me Quizlet, I was a little more than skeptical. After having used Quizlet for a few years, my grades in everything from biology to Hebrew have gone up! Thanks Quizlet!
Raci_Eisenhart 29 sets
I love Quizlet! Since I started using Quizlet I gotten better grades! Plus it makes studying fun! I've been using Quizlet for 2 years and love it!! Thanks Quizlet!!
Quizlet is sooo fun! I can practice my typing, learn Spanish, SAT words, AND play games!!!! Thanks! ¬°Gracias!
B00kl0v3r 11 sets
Quizlet has helped me learn Mythology, Latin, and Theology for five years now. If you need any website to help you, this website will give you the most help. Quizlet has certainly changed my life. Thank you Quizlet!
loucards 1 set
Quizlet is awesome! It helps organize my study sheets into different sections so I can be more productive with my study time! THANKS!
SireMontague 153 sets
Honestly, before Quizlet, I was one of those "average students". A fellow student and I since then have created a class for our entire grade, and not only does 80% of our grade use it, everyone is also doing much better in our school's languages, science classes, as well as literature and geography classes. Something I love most about Quizlet is the ability to add macrons and diaeresis over words for foreign languages. Thanks, Quizlet!
Learning science is about new language. Quizlet is a phenomenal education application that accelerates language acquisition. Quizlet is integrated into all my science lessons. Test scores have improved for my ESL students. The marriage of Quizlet and science terminology is MAGIC in an interactive classroom.
There are so many words to describe Quizlet. Helpful, useful, beautiful, amazing, FUN, and I can say so much more!! Quizlet is a big help to my life! I never thought learning Spanish could be so easy and fun!!
Lizzy-D 26 sets
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