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Quizlet makes studying seem more like fun, and not like boring school work! It makes it so much easier to really understand and memorize!
As an Educational Assistant I see the urgent need for students to access learning in a variety of ways. Quizlet is just what I have been looking for. When a student with learning challenges can be given the vocabulary for a subject in a manner that is auditory, visual and interactive; it increases their self-confidence and knowledge 1000%. Thanks Quizlet! You are exactly what I have been looking for!
caledonia2000  124 sets
It is an effective way to learn vocabulary, foreign languages, and some other things. I never passed my vocabulary tests. Now I am acing them. Best design, and it never broke down on me. I wish I would have found this earlier.
Thomasbui  2 sets
Brillant, I wish I had invented it though!
senoracox  40 sets
Quizlet is the best studying experience. I have boosted my grades by a lot!
hmoon135  2 sets
Quizlet is an actually fun way to study for tests! now, I don't groan when my mom asks me to study!
anielas  3 sets
Quizlet increases your vocabulary. It is very fun and useful.
mko22  2 sets
Quizlet has helped me learn a lot. From the state capitals to PSAT terms. Thank you so much!!
jamielam428  36 sets
Quizlet has given me the perfect study tool. I now get perfect scores on every test.
faolan1199  3 sets
Quizlet alway helps me to get an A+ :D
Overwatch123  12 sets
Thank you guys so much for letting teachers and students use this amazing tool! I get so much better grades in ELA, Social Sciences and French, all thanks to this!
JonahSterling  13 sets
Quizlet is amazing, it helps me from English to Spanish. I would totally recommend this website to others because even though other people make the sets, you can still study them. Its such a great experience. This helps everyone and I just want to thank the Quizlet team for all of their hard work to make quizlet work the way it does. :)
Quizlet is the key for a student like me who needs a visual, competition, and repetition. I can't say they could add much more. Quizlet helps so much! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!
speedstar101  20 sets
I have to make flashcards for every unit we do in Spanish and I used quizlet for the first to try making flashcards and they worked amazingly! Thank you Quizlet team!
Kaylee_Riffer  14 sets
Amazing. This website has me getting A's in every subject and it is really awesome.
blazer46348  39 sets
I am a freshman in Personal Finance, and Quizlet has helped me improve my grades. This is crucial because I am an honors/AIG student who wants to be a neurosurgeon. Grades are crucial!
Bre_Hep  0 sets
Quizlet opens a whole new opportunity to study. It allows you to eliminate making pesky flashcards. Also, it allows you to collaborate with classmates while studying! Quizlet is the best study tool ever created!
I have been using Quizlet since 2009, and I am so glad that I had found this website! It has helped me all through Middle School and High School (I'm a Junior), and I will probably still use Quizlet in college. Thank you for making studying so much easier (and more fun)!
MarisaJF  59 sets
Got tons of 100's because of Quizlet!! Thanks!
et_lvr  0 sets
I just started using quizlet this year, and boy is it a miracle worker! This site has really helped my studying habits, not to mention the fun games! Keep up the good work Quizlet!
Yankeesosa  4 sets
I don't know how I would be able to remember my stems and vocabulary if it weren't for Quizlet. The games are great!
awu3658  14 sets
This is my third year using Quizlet in my classroom. This has truly revolutionized the lives of my students. They are HUGE fans, and I know they will be using Quizlet right through their college years. Thanks for such an outstanding resource!!!
rwoodallocs  14 sets
I just started using Quizlet and I'm learning everything so much faster! The competitive aspect of showing the scores has helped motivate me to do better! Thank you Quizlet!
musicgirl77  34 sets
I have been getting 100s on my tests after using quzlet!! even my teachers said I have improved. Quizlet is great. Thanks quizlet!!!!!!!
jackie7777  21 sets
I am so glad my French teacher introduced our grade to quizlet!!! It has helped me and my fellow classmates ace our tests. I would really recommend this to anybody learning a foreign language, and hope to keep using it! Thanks! -Ztiger
Ztiger  5 sets
I would probably be failing my Latin class if you guys weren't here :) You make an easy, and fun, way to study! Thanks SO much :)
Quizlet is amazing!! Wish I would have found you guys sooner. Totally recommend it for studying :)
sbaumann3  4 sets
Quizlet is amazing! As a teacher I can say that it opens a whole new opportunity to study and learn, thanks, is a great study tool.
EMMAMEARS  199 sets
I could not have studied for my Finals without Quizlet... It is sooooo cool how much work the Quizlet staff has put into Quizlet to make it such a great website! I want you guys to know that all the hours of programming and tweaking the programs have definitely made a difference in so many people's grades, mine included! Thanks so much! Keep improving, you guys are great! The 'Learn' part of Quizlet helps me memorize terms faster then ever before! The 'Scatter' part helps me to have fun while I study, adding a bit of competition between me and my classmates! 😊 I LOVE QUIZLET!!!!!!!
abeni888  17 sets
I cannot live without quizlet anymore, and I assume it's the same for my students :-) Quizlet is a must for every language learner. The Quizlet team always amaze me with its evolution. Just like learning, it only gets better.
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