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  1. down feathers
  2. summus, a, um
  3. Types of Baleen whales
  4. Blue is opposite what color on the color wheel?
  5. Sharpness from near to far is controlled by what?
  1. a Gray whale, humpback whale, right whale, blue whales.
  2. b Aperture
  3. c
    A short, fluffy feather that traps heat and keeps a bird warm
  4. d highest, greatest
  5. e Yellow

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  1. the quantity found by dividing the sum of all the quantities by the number of quantities
  2. New order of the ages
  3. Tang
  4. lion
  5. goat

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  1. Lepidoptera
    "scaled wings" - butterflies


  2. astronomy
    the phylum to which jointed-legged invertebrates belong, including insects, arachnids and crustaceans


  3. migrating
    The opposite force exerted on a moving body by a fluid such as air or water.


  4. mosaicpicture made by by arranging colored pieces into a pattern


  5. What did the Emperer Diocletian do?divided the Roman Empire into two parts


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