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  1. laudo
  2. I work
  3. An SLR camera uses what to allow you to see exactly what you'll photograph?
  4. geminus, i
  5. According to the Inverse Square Law, at a distance of 10 feet from a flash, the area illuminated receives how much more/less light than the area illuminated at 20 feet from the flash?
  1. a twin
  2. b A mirror and pentaprism
  3. c labōro
  4. d I praise
  5. e four times more

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  1. Incident light meter
  2. Deepest, darkest part of the ocean where no sunlight reaches.
  3. An organ on the sperm whale's head that scientist think may be used to focus or reflect sound or possibly to make it easier for the whale to dive.

  4. the system for naming organisms in which each organism is given a unique, two-part scientific name indicating its genus and species
  5. The distance between the lens rear nodal point and the focal plane when the lens is focused at infinity.

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  1. MammaliaTO receive (property or a tittle, for example) from an ancestor such as your parents.


  2. Arthropoda
    surface, such as a bird's wing, whose shape moves air faster over the top than underneath it, allowing for flight


  3. What is the term used to describe a sensor's sensitivity to light?Metadata


  4. Doubling the aperture setting creates how many stops difference in the amount of light reaching the sensor?One stop


  5. OrcaNational Aeronautics and Space Administrtion


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