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  1. diphtheria
  2. cystic fibrosis
  3. pneumonectomy
  4. laryngoplegia
  5. nebulizer
  1. a Genetic disorder in which the lungs are clogged with large amounts of abnormally thick mucus.
  2. b Paralysis of the larynx.
  3. c Acuste infectious disease of the trroat and upper respiratory tract caused by the presence of diphtheria bacteria.
  4. d Surgical removal of all or part of a lung.
  5. e Medical equipment that dispenses doses of medication in the form of a mist.

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  1. Pain in the pleura.
  2. Test that measures physiological activity during sleep.
  3. Inflammatin of the sinuses.
  4. The condition that occurs when the body cannot get the air it needs to function.
  5. Surgical repair of the pharynx.

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  1. hemothoraxAccumulation of blood in the pleural cavity.


  2. antitussiveMedication administered to prevent, or relieve coughing.


  3. pleurectomyInglammation of the visceral and parietal pleura in the toracic cavity.


  4. hyperpneaAbnormal increase in the depth and rate of the respiratory movements.


  5. endotracheal intubationUsually an emergency procedure in which an incision is made into the trachea to gain acdess to the airway below a blockage.


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