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  1. How do glucagon and epinephrine affect glycogen phosphorylase?
  2. Catecholamines are synthesized ans stored in the _____
  3. Somatotropic Releasing Hormone (SRH)
  4. What are the receptors for Gastrin and where are they located?
  5. Corticotropin Releasing Hormone
  1. a Adrenal Medulla
  2. b 44 amino acid peptide stimulates release of GH, inhibited by inhibitor hormones, brain and pancreas effects and stress
  3. c CCK1R and CCK2R.
    Located in the brain, stomach, and SI
  4. d Glucagon and epinephrine activate protein kinase A which activates phosphorylase kinase which phosphorylates glycogen phosphorylase activating it
  5. e signals the release of adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH) from the pituitary

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  1. steroid hormone produced by the kidneys in response to the presence of PTH; stimulates calcium and phosphate ion absorption in the digestive tract; the active form of Vitamin D
  2. These steroid hormones are important in metabolic, inflammatory, & immune processes
  3. hormone that stimulates prolactin release, milk letdown in mammary gland, contraction of uterus
  4. macromolecule made mainly from carbon and hydrogen atoms; includes fats, oils, and cell membranes; will NOT mix with water
  5. outer layer of the adrenal cortex; controlled by renin-angiotensin. produces aldosterone

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  1. What stimulates the S cells?low pH or chyme


  2. Calcitonin sourceoccurs when the adrenal glands do not produce enough of the hormones cortisol or aldosterone. A decrease in corticosteroid secretion


  3. Prolactin regulationthe part of a cell that a hormone binds to exert its effect; if a cell does not have a receptor for a hormone that hormone can not affect it


  4. thyroid-stimulation hormone (TSH)Ghrelin


  5. MineralocorticoidsThese steroid hormones are important in maintaining fluid/electrolyte balance


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