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  1. Beta arrestin action
  2. Role of oxytocin
  3. paracrine
  4. Anti-mullerian Hormone
  5. What is addison's disease?
  1. a immediately desensitizes receptor; but also plays a role in long term mechanisms of extracellularly regulated kinases
  2. b Addison's disease is hypocortisolism
  3. c glandular cells secrete hormones into the lumen
  4. d In male embryos, turns off the development of a uterus and other female structures.
  5. e uterine contractions and milk letdown

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  1. DHEA
  2. renin
  3. a vasoconstrictor and a potent hypertensive agent, and it facilitates platelet aggregation; antagonist to prostacyclins
  4. phosphorylates and activates proteins
  5. Cortisol inhibits muscle uptake of blood glucose, increases protein breakdown resulting in more amino acids

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  1. Atrial Natriuretic Peptidesteroids


  2. Luteinizing hormone (LH)LH


  3. What stimulates the release of Neurotensin?Cortisol stimulates glucose formation, promotes fatty acid release, inhibits protein synthesis and inhibits secretion of CRH and ACTH


  4. membrane receptor activation of adenylate cyclaseGHRH and somatostatin released together to regulate GH release; IGF1 feeds back to hypothalamus


  5. posterior pituitary hormonesoxytocin and vasopressin (ADH)


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