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Politics Midterm Review


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Voter driven effort, using a petition to get a law or amendment on the ballot, skipping the legislature.
Voters must approve or disapprove of the decisions of a legislature.
Voter-driven effort to remove an elected official before his or her term expires.
The closing days of the session but many bills remain.
A bunch of bills hooked up together, unrelated, but needing an up or down vote at the end of the session.
The official part of the legislative season, when the entire chamber is in session. Committee hearings often occur during this period but can go on after "the session".
Both a general term and the specific name of some state legislative bodies.
*state houses
This often has many different terms... House of Representatives, House of Delegates, Assembly
Speaker of the House
Elected by everyone but the majority party has the votes to get its candidate elected. *Often a constitutional job
majority leader
The head of the majority party, below the speaker in rank and not a constitutional office. But the number two power position.
minority leader
Leader of the opposition party in the House or Senate--both Congress and states.
*Senate President
Sometimes, Senate President Pro Tempore
*committee chairs
From the party in power
*minority spokesperson
Top official from the minority party