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land acquired by Germany through the Munich Pact, part of Czechoslovakia


policy practiced by Britain and France, basically giving into aggression of Germany

Policy of Appeasement

Pan-American Union declares united opposition to foreign intervention and aggression

Declaration of Lima

non-aggression pact between Germany and the USSR

Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact

Pan-American Union establishes a 300-1000 mile Safety Zone around the Americas

Declaration of Panama

line of mobilization inside Germany along the border with France

Siegfried Line

line of mobilization inside France along the border with Germany

Maginot Line

"the sitting war" between Germany and France


commune in Northern France that was evacuated by the allies


government in France controlled by the Nazis

Vichy Government

head of Vichy Government

Henri Petain

legitimate French government located in Britain

Free French Government

head of Free French Government

Charles DeGaulle

Germanys plan to invade and encircle Britain

Battle of Britain

German air forces


British air force


Colonies in Western Hemisphere were in danger of Nazi occupation would immediately be under control of American Republics

Act of Havana

reinforced existing laws to check for aliens, made it illegal to advocate overthrow of the US government

Alien Registration Act

first peacetime draft

Burke Wadsworth Act

undeclared naval war between US and Germany

Battle of the Atlantic

FDR and Churchill agree to the four freedoms (speech, worship, want, fear)

Atlantic Charter Meeting

this person said "Never in the field of human conflict has so much been owed by so many to so few"

Winston Churchill

supreme commander of Japan's combined fleets, mastermind of Pearl Harbor attack


commander of fleet that attacked Pearl Harbor


American admiral in charge of Pearl Harbor

Admiral Husband Kimmel

general in charge of Pearl Harbor

General Walter Short

secretary of Navy who said that the American Navy was second to none

Frank Knox

first place in Pearl Harbor that was attacked

Hickam Field

first ship to sink in the battleship row of Pearl Harbor

USS Oklahoma

ship in Pearl Harbor that sustained the greatest number of casualties

USS Arizona

only ship able to get under way at Pearl Harbor

USS Nevada

Journalist, wrote "The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich"

William Shirer

Chancellor of the First Austrian Republic (Opposed Hitler), bullied by Hitler into signing an agreement to bring Austrian Nazis into his Government

Kurt von Schusnigg

British Conservative politician, Prime Minister of the UK, known for appeasement

Neville Chamberlain

French radical politician, Prime Minister of France

Edouard Daladier

British conservative politician, against the Munich Pact

Winston Churchill

Union between Austria and Germany


Agreement permitted the Nazi German annexation of Czech's Sudetenland

Munich Pact

a lightning war


Poem written by Auden about the outbreak of WWII

September 1, 1939

Republican nominee against FDR in 1940

Wendell Wilkie

Emperor of Japan, thought of as "god-like"

Emperor Hirohito

Mutual defense treaty between Japan, Germany, and Italy. Nations became known as the Axis powers. Wanted to keep the US out of war

Axis Tripartite Pact

Part of lend-lease, legal cover for the US to aid the British against Germany without violating the Neutrality Act

Destroyer Deal

Propaganda slogan used by FDR in fireside chat, promised to help UK fight Germany without getting involved because they were financially capable of creating the weapons

Arsenal of Democracy

Replaced "cash an carry", president could lend or lease arms and other supplies to "any country whose defense was vital to the US"


Groups of 15-20 German U-Boats patrolling shipping lanes for cargo ships

Wolf Packs

typewriter-like contraption for encoding and decoding messeges


operation to crack the Germans Enigma code


Bombing of London by Germany, 9 months, 60,000 killed, won by RAF


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