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Cardio-respiratory Endurance

is required in general so that one can keep producing energy aerobically and to perform tasks involving the whole body for extended periods of time such as a game.

Speed (anaerobic capacity)

is required so that during a game one can put the body parts into motion quickly and sustain high intensity efforts eg for a fast break or on defense to catch an attacker. (Note: this component is closely related to muscular strength and power.


is required for changing direction quickly and retaining balance eg in turning, dodging, weaving, pivoting all required in the game of basketball.


hand-eye coordination is required to ensure tasks can be performed smoothly and accurately such as passing, dribbling and shooting in basketball.

Muscular Endurance

is required so that the muscles in the legs can work for long periods of time at less than maximum effort eg for running up and down the court for the duration of a game.

Muscular Power

is required to use strength quickly to produce an explosive effort eg in jumping, dunking, three point shots, jump shots, and being quick off the mark etc... in the game of basketball.

Muscular Strength

is required to exert against a resistance in a single maximum contraction eg jostling for position in basketball.

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