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  1. A rapid period of growth, usually linked with adolescence, occurs about 2 years earlier in girls
  2. A diet built partly or entirely on plant foods.
  3. Food that has been altered from its natural state by drying, freezing, boiling, canning, or other procedures.
  4. the body's ability to meet physical demands
  5. effect drug has on the way body absorbs / uses nutrients / effect food has on a way body absorbs / uses drugs
  6. A regular diet with modifications or restrictions (aka special diet) that must be ordered by the doctor

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  1. DIETARY GUIDELINES FOR AMERICANSa set of nutrient intake values for healthy people in the U.S. and Canada. Used for planning and assessing diets.


  2. FOOD INTOLERANCEinvolves a response of the body's immune system to a food protein


  3. CALORIE BALANCEWhen calories consumed equal calories burned


  4. DIETARY REFERENCE INTAKES (DRIs)a set of guidelines about food choices developed by the United States government


  5. CARDIOVASCULAR HEALTHrelates to the health of the heart and blood vessels, it also relates to the organs that are critically dependant on a strong blood supply


  6. MEDICAL NUTRITION THERAPY (MNT)a health care strategy that helps people learn to use their eating habits as part of their treatment