10 terms

Human Resource Management Chapter 6

the consistency of a performance measure; the degree to which a performance measure is free from random error
correlation coefficient
a measure of the degree to which two sets of numbers are related.
the extent to which performance on the measure is related to performance on the job
criterion-related validity
a method of establishing the validity of a personnel selection method by showing a substantial correlation between test scores and job performance.
concurrent validation
a criterion related validity study in which a test is administered to all the people currently in a job and then incumbent's scores are correlated with existing measures of their performance on the job
content validation
a test validation strategy performed by demonstrating that the items, question, or problems posed by a test are a representative sample of the kinds of situations or problems that occur on a job.
the degree to which the validity of a selection method established in one context extends to other contexts.
validity generalization
an alternative for validating selection methods for companies that cannot employ criterion related or content validation
the degree to which the information provided by selection methods enhances the effectiveness of selecting personnel in real organizations.
situational interview
an interview procedure where applicants are confronted with specific issues, questions, or problems that are likely to arise on the job.