25 terms

ELA Exam (non vocab)

what country does night take place in?
Poland and Germany
What town does it begin in
who wrote night
elie wiesel
who warns the jews in night?
Moshe the Beadle
Buildings where jews pray
sobriquet for russian military
REd army
1. Jews forced into Ghettos
2.jews discriminated against
3. jews forced to wear yellow stars
4. jews deported
5. jews killed in death camps
2, 3, 1, 4, 5
German and English term for the plan to annihailate the Jews of Europe
Final Solution, Die Endlösung
two historical examples of violence to ward jews before the holocaust
1348 - Jews are blamed for spreading the Black Death by deliberately contaminating wells and by "anointing" people and houses with poison. The Jews are herded into wooden buildings and burned alive. At Strasbourg more than 2,000 Jewish scapegoats are hanged on a scaffold erected at the Jewish burying ground.

1099 - Crusaders break into Jerusalem, and set fire to a synagogue where Jews are taking refuge, burning them to death. Those who survived are sold as slaves or ransomed.
name two examples of people showing elie kindness
A german police man comes to warn them that they are going to be deported

A stranger tells him to lie about his age and occupation in the line nearing the pit after they reached aushwitz
what group is first to be deported form elies town
the foreign jews
who said "first they came for the communists"
Martin Niemoller
who was second in command to hitler and has been called the archetect of genocide?
Heinrich Himmler
Who was the subject of Hannah Arendts book that was subtitled the banality of evil
Adolf Eichman
What was the section of Auschwitz called that contained the four gas chambers?
What doctor was know as the angel of death in his rolel at auschwitz anf for his experiments on twins
Joseph Mengele
According to King James' bible "With God all things are....."
Accosrding to Dostoyevesky "if there is no god everything is ...."
what literary device dominates Elie Wisels prose poem in night when he says:
"Never shall i forget that night
Never shall i forget that smoke"
to what biblical figure does eliezar compare himself to when he says "I was not denying gods existence but i doubted his absolute justice"?
What was the name of the lead character in the Adjustment Bureau?
David Norris
What is the name of the woman he falls in love with in the adjustment bureau
What piece of haberdasherey helps the angels travel through doors?
a hat
what does the woman from the adjustment bureau do for a career?
what landmark is the couple at when the film ends?
the empire state building