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Allemande Left

left hand to left hand, walk around in a circle counterclockwise

Back out full turn

after a star promenade, boy drops the star and the partner's move 360 degrees, the boy walks backwards while the girl walks forward

back track

turn 180 and step inside or outside the circle and walk the opposite direction

California twirl

side by side, gentleman's right ladies left, gentleman lifts right and walks around lady, turns her left (180 degree turn) normally done after a pass through where the couple if facing out

Circle left or right

done with three or more dancers. All have hands joined and circle either left or right as directed by the caller


member of the square to the gentleman's left and the ladies right

Courtesy turn

1/2 turn with the lady giving her left hand to the gentleman and putting her right hand behind her back, the gentleman takes her left hand in his and outs his right behind her back to guide the turn

Do sa do

partners face walk forward pass right shoulders, step to the right, back up passing left shoulders, and step to the left

Four ladies chain

ladies use a right hand star to go 1/2 around to the opposite gentleman

four ladies chain 3/4

same as 4 ladies chain across but instead to extending left hand to the opposite gentleman, the lady extends her left to the guy from the couple on her left

Grand left and right

facing partner give a right hand to your partner, walk forward and a left hand to the next (opposite gender) walk forward keep alternating until you meet your partner and then promenade home (should meet 1/2 way around square)

Grand square:side couples

face each other and walk backwards 3 steps, turn and face opposite and walk forward three steps, turn face partner walk forward 3 steps, turn and face opposite and walk backward three steps... then reverse walking forward first.

Grand square:head couples

walk forward three steps and turn facing your partner, walk backwards three steps, turn facing opposite walk backwards three steps and turn face your partner walk forward three steps...then reverse. All couples make a square pattern on the floor.

Head couple

the couple both facing the music/caller and with their backs to the music/caller

home position

the position where the couple starts to dance, the man's position never changes but the ladies is always changing


men bow and women curtsy

ladies chain

two ladies walk forward giving a right hand to the opposite lady and then walk forward passing right shoulders, drop hands and give a left to the opposite gentleman for a courtesy turn

left/right star

man or ladies walk into the center with the hand that is called and grab the wrist of the dancer in front of them and walk around in a circle. Right stars move clockwise and left stars move counterclockwise.


the dancer you are facing in the square


the dancer who is standing next to you (ladies are always on the right of the gentleman)

Pass through

walk forward passing right shoulders with the opposite dancer and take their spot but remain facing outward


partners grab right hand to right hand, left hand to left hand and walk around the square counterclockwise

promenade 1/2 way

promenade position with partner, move to the opposite side of the square. If done by head or side couples only; the couple not promenading move in two steps for the others to pass behind them.

promenade single file

walking inside or outside the square counterclockwise without a partner

Right hand turn

extend right hand to partner or corner, pass right shoulders as you turn around each other, release and face center of square

right and left through

give a right hand to the opposite dance and walk past them passing right shoulders and then give a left to your partner followed by a courtesy turn. It's a way of changing positions.

side couple

the dancers who have their sides to the music/caller they are known as couples #2 and #4

star promenade

the gentleman got into the center with a left hand star and go all the way around when they got to their partner they bend their right arm and pick up their partner and the whole square promenades around in the star one time and is followed by a back out full turn

star though

Partners face and the ladies left hand is in the gentleman's fight hand, the gentlemen then lifts his right hand and the lady goes under and turns 1/4 to the left and the gentlemen turns 1/4 right

swing-right or left

partners or corners hook arms (right to right or left to left) and walk around 360 degrees. right swing goes clockwise and left goes counterclockwise

weave the ring

facing partners:walk forward passing right shoulders, then to next person pass left shoulders, then keep alternating until you find your partner and promenade. It's like a grand right and left without hands

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