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Anatomy Test 1: Practice Test

regional anatomy
which type of anatomy refers to the study of all of the structures in a specific area of the body?
systemic anatomy
which type of anatomy refers to the study of all of the structures in a specific area of the body?
pleural and pericardial cavity
a transverse section at the level of the nipple would pass through which body cavity?
selective permeable
because the plasmalemma blocks some substances and allows others through, it is reffered to as being?
an active process for transporting liquid across a plasmalemma is?
fluid content of the cell
which of the following is a non membranous organelle?
golgi apparatus
recycling and changing the plasmalemma is the major function of which organelle
manufacture of carbohydrates and lipids
which cellular operation occurs in the smooth endoplasmic reticulum
which of the following means two or more layers
elastic cartilage
the type of cartilage that is specialized to resist compression is
synovial membrane
the wet membrane that covers the major joints of the body is a
subserous fascia
connective tissue layers that lies between serous membranes and deep fascia is called?
cardiac muscle tissue
it is striated, the cells have one nucleus, it is branched and the cells are smaller than skeletal muscle
what is exclusively found on the neruon
merocrine sweat glands
respond to elevated body tempature
vellus hairs
fine hairs covering the general surface of the body
which is the major function of the skeletal system
collagen fibers
inorganic components of the matrix of bone include
mature bone cels that monitor the matrix are
spongy bone is made up of a network of bony spines called?
the connective tissue covering the inner surface of a bone is?
the degenerative effects of weak bones to older women
sesamoid bone
which o the following bones contain the infraorbital foreamen
sella turcia
the structure that houses the pituitary gland is called the?
hypoglossal canal
belongs to the occipital gland
ethmoid bone
makes up most of the medial wall of the orbital complex
the temporal processes are part of what bone?
pregnancy can cause which of the following abnormal curvatures of the back?
which type of vertebra has a transverse costal facet
xiphoid process
the most inferior portion of the sternum is called the?
deltoid tuberosity
which of the following is the attachment site for the deltoid muscle?
olecranon process
the point of the elbow is formed by the what? of the ulna
metacarpal bones
the plans of the hand are made up of?
in the able the largest tarsal bone is the?
greater separation of the ischial spines
which feature of the female pelvis is adapted to allow the pelvic outlet a larger size
if you fractured your pisiform bone in an accident what part of your body was injured?
illium attaches to the sacrum
the pelvic girdle meets the axial skeleton where the?