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State the First Noble Truth

Life is full of suffering

Examples of each type of suffering:

worldly suffering (ex. natural disasters), physical suffering (sickness), mental suffering (negative emotions)

State the Second Noble Truth

Causes of suffering are negative emotions and bad karma.

Causes of suffering

negative emotions; bad karma


Cause and effect

How does karma lead to suffering in this and future lives?

When people do something bad, a similar thing will happen to them later in life (cause and effect) and their bad karma may lead to a lower rebirth in a future life.


Good karma

How is merit beneficial (good for you)?

It leads to better rebirth in a a future life.

What 2 things do Buddhists believe are reborn from one life to another?

the MIND and KARMA

How do Buddhists believe their next rebirth will be determined?

If they have a majority (great amount) or merit or bad karma

State the Third Noble Truth

There is a way to end suffering.

State the Fourth Noble Truth.

Follow the Eightfold Path to end suffering.

What method did Buddha create to achieve the Fourth Noble Truth?

The Eightfold Path

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