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Where did Buck live?

He lived with Judge Miller in a large house like an aristocrate.

What events take place elsewhere which could effect his life?

The goldrush. Large dogs were in demand to pull heavy sleighs.

Who was Manuel?

The gardener who was in debt due to a gambling problem.

What did Manual do to Buck?

He kidnapped him and sold him.

Who was the man in a "red sweater"?

The first owner to beat him with a club.

What happened to Curly?

He was killed by Spitz.

What did Buck learn from seeing Curly so swiftly killed?

Never go down in a fight.

Who was Spitz?

Head of the dog team and a mean dog.

How did the dogs sleep at night?

In a hole in the snow.

How did Perrault honor Buck?

By examining his feet?

Hiw has Buck changed between Chpaters 1 and 2?

He has learned how to survice in the wild and his animal instincts returned.

What did the dog driver do for Buck?

He put him behind two experienced dogs soi he coud learn from them.

Why did Buck and Spitz first fight?

when spits when to sleep in bucks (bed)

What unexpected event kept them from fighting?

When the skinny dogs from the Indian camp arrived.

What happened to the team after Buck "stood up" to Spitz?

They saw Buck in a different way.

What caused the final battle between Buck and Spitz?

The rabbit chase.

What was the outcome of the final battle between Spitz and Buck?

Buck won because he broke Spitz' legs.

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