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Point of View

the position from where the camera/photographer sees the image.

Point of View

This is your CREATIVE CONTROL. Are you standing, sitting, crouching, lying down, looking
up, looking down, directly over or under the subject when you take the photograph?


the screen in the camera that allows the photographer (you) to see and select the image


center of attention of the photograph- (not always in the CENTER)


objects that the camera picks up through the lens and makes the image sharp, clear and not blurry


as in artwork, the objects that appear closest to the viewer


as in artwork, those objects that are behind something in the foreground, but not too far away


as in artwork, those objects that appear to be further away from the viewer. In photography, the background does not always need to be in focus

Light (lighting)-

the source of light that has or causes the strongest effect on the photograph


as in artwork, the way objects are arranged


the things you choose to include or exclude in the photograph by moving the camera left/right or up/down when looking at the objects through the viewfinder. "Seeing like an artist."


using an editing program to change the dimensions of the photograph


as in artwork, what the photograph is about


the feature on the camera that allows a close-up view of the subject

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