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Digital Marketing Study Guide

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- Subscription Landing pages. A media website makes more money as traffic increases
and one way to increase traffic is to sign visitors up for subscriptions. They use pop up
windows (overlays) to ask the visitors to subscribe or they will run an ad to drive traffic
to the new content with a prevalent call to action inviting them to subscribe.
- Long-Copy Landing pages. Some products require an extended explanation either
because the product is not well known or because it is a complicated product that
requires a through description. Selling those products online requires a long-copy landing
page, which includes enough information to provide the complicated explanation
necessitated by the product. It contains bold and large calls to action. Informercials of
the internet.
- Single-product landing pages. If a company advertises a specific product (in an ad or
email) the landing page should be all about that same product. Within seconds of hitting
this landing page visitors should see: product image, unique value proposition, call to
action, how to proceed and familiar color scheme and logo.
- Multi-Product landing pages. If a company advertises a product category, like
discounted shoes, anyone who clicks that ad should arrive at a landing page featuring
multiple products from this category. They should see the product image, unique value
proposition, call to action, how to proceed and familiar color scheme and logo, but the
challenge is to find the best way to display multiple products without giving the visitor
information overload. Prioritize the order of products so make sure the best sellers and
products with best margins show first. Make sure products are visible above the fold, so
nobody has to scroll down. It is helpful to include a product search visitor so they can
find the product they had in mind.
- Multi-Category Landing pages. It is common when the product type has enough
variation that people are likely to have a general category preferences even if they don't
have a product preference. Helping website visitors refine their preferences before
exposing them to products can be beneficial for conversion.
- Lead-generation landing pages. Most lead-generation sites want visitors to either call
in or fill out an email form. Thus a landing page should show phone number prominently
in the upper fold, typically with a call to action. Performing A/B tests on landing pages
using different value propositions, calls to action, buttons, images, form placement, phone
number placement and trust symbols can help a company find the perfect combination
to increase conversions.