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  1. Enamel
  2. Cementum
  3. Interproximal
  4. Endodontics
  5. Mandible
  1. a Dental specialty concerned with diagnosis and treatment of diseases of dental pulp
  2. b Tissue that covers the anatomic root
  3. c Lower jaw
  4. d Denoting the area between two teeth
  5. e Outermost covering of the crown

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  1. Deals with intra-oral diseases and related structures
  2. Mashing surface of posterior teeth
  3. Round surfaces of teeth
  4. All phases of denistry
  5. Lingual lobe of the front tooth

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  1. MaxillaUpper jaw


  2. Retromolar AreaThe bone that surrounds and supports the teeth


  3. Oral and Maxillofacial SurgerySpecialty dealing with diagnosis and treatment of diseases of hard and soft tissues


  4. DeciduousBaby teeth


  5. TuberosityThe most distal aspect to the maxilla