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  1. Eruption
  2. Mesial
  3. Incisal
  4. Anatomic Root
  5. Apical Foramen
  1. a Tooth root
  2. b Towards the midline
  3. c Appearing in the mouth
  4. d The natural opening at the end of the root
  5. e Biting surface of front teeth

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  1. Cell in dental pulp which froms dentin
  2. Toward the front
  3. Upper jaw
  4. Tissue underlying enamel and centenum
  5. Denoting the area between two teeth

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  1. TuberosityTowards the midline


  2. DistalFarthest from the midline


  3. MidlinePertaining to the middle


  4. DeciduousLingual lobe of the front tooth


  5. Frenulum LinguaeThe surface that touches the tongue