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  1. Retromolar Area
  2. Cingulum
  3. Exfoliation
  4. Mesial
  5. Anatomic Crown
  1. a That portion of the tooth that is covered with enamel
  2. b Space behing the last molar on the mandible
  3. c Towards the midline
  4. d Lingual lobe of the front tooth
  5. e The shedding process of primary teeth

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  1. Tissue underlying enamel and centenum
  2. The natural opening at the end of the root
  3. The bony socket in which the tooth is held
  4. Adjacent to the cheek
  5. All phases of denistry

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  1. EnamelAdjacent to the cheek


  2. TuberosityThe most distal aspect to the maxilla


  3. OdontoclastCell in dental pulp which froms dentin


  4. MaxillaUpper jaw


  5. DeciduousThe kind, number, and arrangement of teeth