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  1. Oral Pathology
  2. Cementum
  3. Quadrant
  4. Apical Foramen
  5. Pulp
  1. a Tissue that covers the anatomic root
  2. b Deals with intra-oral diseases and related structures
  3. c Left or right half of an arch
  4. d Tissue that makes up the canal chamber
  5. e The natural opening at the end of the root

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  1. Adjacent to the lips and cheeks
  2. Baby teeth
  3. Dental specialty concerned with diagnosis and treatment of diseases of dental pulp
  4. Specialty for children's denistry
  5. Lingual lobe of the front tooth

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  1. Periodontal LigamentSpecialty dealing with the diseases of tissue that surround and supports the teeth


  2. AnteriorTowards the back


  3. SinusHollow space


  4. EruptionAppearing in the mouth


  5. LabialAdjacent to the lips and cheeks