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  1. Occlusal
  2. Distal
  3. Buccal
  4. Incisal
  5. Alveolar Process
  1. a Farthest from the midline
  2. b Biting surface of front teeth
  3. c Adjacent to the cheek
  4. d The bone that surrounds and supports the teeth
  5. e Mashing surface of posterior teeth

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  1. Round surfaces of teeth
  2. Artificial replacement of teeth and supporting tissues
  3. Pertaining to the middle
  4. The shedding process of primary teeth
  5. Specialty dealing with the diseases of tissue that surround and supports the teeth

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  1. MaxillaUpper jaw


  2. PedodonticsDental specialty concerned with diagnosis and treatment of diseases of dental pulp


  3. PosteriorTowards the back


  4. DeciduousBaby teeth


  5. EnamelOutermost covering of the crown


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