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  1. Succedaneous
  2. Apical Foramen
  3. Labial
  4. Cingulum
  5. Mucous Membrane
  1. a Membrane that lines passages that communicate with air
  2. b Any permanent tooth that replaces baby teeth
  3. c The natural opening at the end of the root
  4. d Lingual lobe of the front tooth
  5. e Adjacent to the lip

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  1. Artificial replacement of teeth and supporting tissues
  2. The most distal aspect to the maxilla
  3. Holds tooth in the socket
  4. Biting surface of front teeth
  5. Baby teeth

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  1. PosteriorTowards the back


  2. BuccalAdjacent to the cheek


  3. Frenulum LinguaeA fold under the tongue which limits movement


  4. MandibleUpper jaw


  5. DentitionThe kind, number, and arrangement of teeth