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  1. Odontoclast
  2. Incisal
  3. Enamel
  4. Midline
  5. Cusp
  1. a Cell in dental pulp which froms dentin
  2. b Pertaining to the middle
  3. c Biting surface of front teeth
  4. d Outermost covering of the crown
  5. e Round surfaces of teeth

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  1. Dental specialty concerned with diagnosis and treatment of diseases of dental pulp
  2. Tissue that covers the anatomic root
  3. Tooth root
  4. Adjacent to the lips and cheeks
  5. Tissue that makes up the canal chamber

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  1. OcclusalMashing surface of posterior teeth


  2. Retromolar AreaSpace behing the last molar on the mandible


  3. SinusHollow space


  4. PedodonticsSpecialty dealing with the diseases of tissue that surround and supports the teeth


  5. General DenistryThe most distal aspect to the maxilla