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  1. Anatomic Crown
  2. Interproximal
  3. Mandible
  4. Periodontics
  5. Maxilla
  1. a Denoting the area between two teeth
  2. b Upper jaw
  3. c That portion of the tooth that is covered with enamel
  4. d Specialty dealing with the diseases of tissue that surround and supports the teeth
  5. e Lower jaw

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  1. Biting surface of front teeth
  2. A lab tech who works directly with patients to fabricate dentures
  3. Adjacent to the cheek
  4. Mashing surface of posterior teeth
  5. Membrane that lines passages that communicate with air

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  1. EnamelTissue underlying enamel and centenum


  2. LabialAdjacent to the lips and cheeks


  3. MidlinePertaining to the middle


  4. PosteriorToward the front


  5. QuadrantLeft or right half of an arch