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occurs when the paty to which the offer was made agrees to the terms of the contract; may be not be made immediately ; must somehow be communicated to the party that offered the contract.

americans with disabilities act of 1990

makes it unnlawful to discriminate employees based on a disability

breach of contract

occurs when one party internationally does not fulfill their contractual obligations; awards the non-breaching p[arty some kind of remedy under law such as monetary damages or cancellation of the entire contract

collective bargaining

when employers and employees negotiate their salary and work requirements; usually involves the employees being representared by a union ; governet by the naktional; labor relations act; can lead to strikes and layoffs

common law

judge made law passed down over the years; governs everythins except for the sale of goods


able to execute the contract


legal term for the bargain that occurs when one party gives something up and another party recives something in return


legally enforceable document between two or more parties that creates an obligation; usually regulated and enforced by the states in which is was made


when the oiginal offer of a contract is not accepted and new offer is returned in the original offers place; void or nullifies the original offer' may be accepted, rejected or modified by the party that made the original offer

employee retirement income security act (erisa)

requires that employees and labor department receive a detailed list of what each employee will receive when it is time to collect their pension; prevents fraud and allows the employees that are getting their fair share of money

employment discrimination law

aims to prevent employment discrimination based on race, sex, age, religion, or physical disability

employment law

large areas of law which covers all of the aspects of the employers and employee relationship; consists of a thousands of law; includes many laws enacted to protect workers.

equal employment opportunity commission (eeoc)

federal organization which oversees most emplyment discrimination law inclutiong the equa; pay act and the americans with disabilities act of 19900; requires that employers show posters

aqual pay act

states that you cannot discriminate wages based on gender

mutual agreetment

when all parties agree to the term of contract

national labor ralations act (nlra)

federal law that allows emplyees to join unions and collectivty bargain, passe in 1935, created the national relations board to oversee and enforce the NLRA

occupational safety and health administration (osha)

regulates and investigates workplace incidents involving injury and illness for most U.S wokers


people, organization or corporations


leagl term for taken away


payment made to employees after they have retired, similar to a retiremant plan, regulated by the employee retirement income security act

spacific performance

when a court forces a party to fulfill the contract anyway

unemployment corporation law

provides funds for workers which are unemployed due to layoff

uniform commercial code (ucc)

section of law that governs the sale og goods


group formed by employees to nagotiate with the employer

workers compensation

provides payment and assistance to empoyees who are hurt or disables on the job; gives fixed monetary awards to such individuals

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