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When the teacher left the room, the seventh graders quickly created _____, which was loud and crazy and out of control!


The _____ operation was so secretive that the people involved hardly knew what was going on!


The _____ dress I wore on our date was "eye candy" for my fiance.


The _____ gang of dogs was made up of many different breeds


I was able to catch the _____ of the story, although I couldn't hear all the details in the crowded, noisy room.


The pain medicine the doctor prescribed was _____ in relieving my pain.


The _____ the husband yelled at his wife gave her reason to walk out with the kids.


My _____ prom date showed up in a fashionable tux with flowers in his hand and opened every door for me all night.


The _____ principal ran the school like a dictator's regime.


Since I was running late to catch the bus, it was _____ for me that the bus was running late too!


The _____ my professor wrote on the margin of my paper explained why she disagreed with my argument


It's really easy to _____ on doing homework for Monday when it's a sunny and warm weekend.


The _____ family often gave to their friends and their church, sharing all the wealth they had earned.


Due to the policeman's _____, no one panicked when the elevator got stuck between floors.


For me, the _____ material in my philosophy class is too hard to understand and makes my brain hurt!


Some people consider those who do not go to church to be _____ and beyond hope.


By leaving her childhood savings in the bank, Maria was able to _____ over two times the original amount of money!


Even though I only borrowed $5 from my little brother, he would _____ me every day to pay him back.


The _____ lunch tasted even better because it was free!


A _____ lifestyle of little activity has been proven to be bad for keeping one's body healthy.


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