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  1. Where does the Krebs Cycle Occur?
  2. In aerobic respirations, the final electron acceptor in electron transport phosphorylation is ____________?
  3. Acetyl-CoA Formation
  4. The Krebs Cycle
  5. This process precedes the second stage of aerobic respiration.
  1. a Oxygen
  2. b Inner mitochondria compartments
  3. c Produces ATP, NADH, and Co2
  4. d Glycolosis
  5. e Chemically grooms pyruvate, producing NADH and Co2

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  1. Potential, Kinetic
  2. Copernicus
  3. Plants
  4. The reactants have more energy than the products
  5. Break down complex molecules.

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  1. ____________ is the products of the fermentation of sugar by yeast in bread dough that makes the bread rise.carbon dioxide (Co2)


  2. electron transfer phosphorylationThis Process yields 32 molecules of ATP


  3. Which of the following are produced by the reactions that take place in the thylakoid membrane and consumed by the reactions in the stroma?ATP + NADPH


  4. ATP ______________________?Is produced by photosynthesis, breakdown of glucose, anaerobic respiration, and aerobic respiration.


  5. How does an enzyme increase the speed of a reaction?Systems always tend toward greater states of disorder.