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  1. Fermentation
  2. Alcohol Fermentation
  3. Photosynthesis is the highest in __________ light
  4. It takes ________ turns of the calvin-benson cycle to produce one molecule of glucose.
  5. Who was the first to say the earth circled the sun?
  1. a Regenerates NAD+ as pyruvate is converted to ethanol or lactate.
  2. b Six
  3. c Red and Blue
  4. d This process yields a final product of ethanol
  5. e Copernicus

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  1. The reactants have more energy than the products
  2. NADP+
  3. In the chloroplast stroma
  4. Break down complex molecules.
  5. Sun

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  1. A photosystem consists of two major parts. The First part is ____________ and the second part is ______________Red and Blue


  2. Where does the Krebs Cycle Occur?Inner mitochondria compartments


  3. Lactate FermentationThis process yields a final product of ethanol


  4. This process precedes the second stage of aerobic respiration.Glycolosis


  5. The process that converts glucose into two molecules of pyruvate is _________Capture additional wavelengths of lights to enhance photosynthesis.