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  1. Who was the first to say the earth circled the sun?
  2. The reactions of the calvin cycle do not occur at night why?
  3. When FAD+ combines with hydrogen the FAD+ becomes ____________.
  4. ____________ is the products of the fermentation of sugar by yeast in bread dough that makes the bread rise.
  5. This process precedes the second stage of aerobic respiration.
  1. a carbon dioxide (Co2)
  2. b Glycolosis
  3. c Copernicus
  4. d The Calvin cycle depends on the products of the light reactions.
  5. e reduced

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  1. Chemically grooms pyruvate, producing NADH and Co2
  2. Produces ATP, NADH, and Co2
  3. Are found in both mitochondria and chloroplasts, release energy as electrons are transferred, are involved in the production of ATP, and are located in a membrane.
  4. Systems always tend toward greater states of disorder.
  5. Oxygen

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  1. A photosystem consists of two major parts. The First part is ____________ and the second part is ______________Red and Blue


  2. electron transfer phosphorylationUses a membrane-bound system to produce ATP


  3. The Krebs CycleRegenerates NAD+ as pyruvate is converted to ethanol or lactate.


  4. Third stage of aerobic respiration occurs in the ____________Capture additional wavelengths of lights to enhance photosynthesis.


  5. How does an enzyme increase the speed of a reaction?Inner mitochondria compartments