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  1. deforestation
  2. Monroe Doctrine
  3. liberal democracy
  4. Atlantic Ocean
  5. Tierra del Fuego
  1. a second largest body of water in the world; located west of Europe and Africa and east of North and South America
  2. b foreign policy that stated European countries and empires could not interfere in affairs of the United States or in the development of countries in the Western Hemisphere
  3. c a chain of islands located at the southern tip of South America; administered and governed by Chile and Argentina
  4. d a representative government where indivdual freedoms are protected
  5. e related to the rainforest and is caused by human migration, economic development, and pusuing short-term profits by ranchers and the lumber industry

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  1. formal organization of producers that agree to coordinate prices and production of a good; in Latin America, often refers to the drug trade
  2. the process of banishing someone from their native country
  3. a person of mixed African and European descent
  4. mountain chain running along the western coast of South America; this particular location is the source of the Amazon River
  5. tax on foreign goods imported by the United States

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  1. interdictionprocess of seizing drugs while the drugs are enroute to the United States


  2. Yucatan Peninsulathe area located in the Western Hemisphere that is south of the United States


  3. Caribbean Seathe traditional and ideal Latin American woman is patient, loving, gentle and willing to suffer in silence


  4. Aztecsanciet civilization in existence from 1200-1521 AD that was located in what is now Mexico City


  5. Tangomusic style combining elements of Peruvian Native America and Spanish musical traditions; incorporates high female vocals, guitar, violin and indigenous instruments


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