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  1. C.I.S.
  2. Latin America
  3. Tango
  4. Sierra Madres
  5. deforestation
  1. a the United States government agency that has the responsibility for administering the country's immigration policy and is under the jurisdiction of the Department of Homeland Security
  2. b mountain range located along the eastern and western sides of Mexico
  3. c related to the rainforest and is caused by human migration, economic development, and pusuing short-term profits by ranchers and the lumber industry
  4. d the area located in the Western Hemisphere that is south of the United States
  5. e style of dance and music that combines elements of Argentinian, African, and Spanish flamenco traditions; one can hear tempo and rhythmic changes and the voice of piano and accordian

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  1. refers to a Central American country that is politically unstable and whose economy is dominated by foreign companies and is dependent upon one export
  2. person of mixed Spanish and Native American ancestry
  3. located in northern Chile and is considered to be one of the driest regions in the world
  4. a Spanish American of pure European descent
  5. refers to the shift some countries experience as the government leadership goes from a dictatorship to democracy and back to a dictatorshipt

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  1. liberal democracya representative government where indivdual freedoms are protected


  2. Sambastyle of music originating from Brazil that combines elements from African, native, and Portuguese traditions; incorporates complex percussion rhythms with a call and response chorus


  3. Amazaon Riverlocated in northern Chile and is considered to be one of the driest regions in the world


  4. Peruvian Andesmountain chain running along the western coast of South America; this particular location is the source of the Amazon River


  5. Galapagos Islandsan archipelago located off the coast of Ecuador; place where Charles Darwin tested his theory of evolution