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  1. US naturalization process
  2. NAFTA
  3. refugee
  4. maquiladora
  5. Incans
  1. a located in Mexico, just over the border, and are built by companies in the United State to take advantage of much lower labor costs
  2. b several steps are involved including: obtain a green card, living in the United States for a minimum of 5 years, and the passage of a citizenship test
  3. c refers to a person who has to leave his or her country to find safety elsewhere
  4. d Peruvian empire that was very powerful in South America; came to an end in 1532
  5. e a trade agreement between countries in North America (United States, Mexico, and Canda)

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  1. style of music based in Mexico that combines elements of native and Spanish musical traditions; incorporates male vocals, trumpets playing a counter melody, and a variety of stringed instruments
  2. mountain range located along the eastern and western sides of Mexico
  3. a Spanish American of pure European descent
  4. process includes: possession of a unique job skill, know relatives who are US citizens living in the United States, or be classified as an exile or refugee
  5. person of mixed Spanish and Native American ancestry

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  1. Pampasgrassland region located in Argentina and Uruguay


  2. cartela trade agreement between countries in North America (United States, Mexico, and Canda)


  3. eradicationa strategy that attempts to destroy drugs before they reach the borders of the United States


  4. Mulattogroup of people who carry drugs over the border and is considered the lowest level of drug trafficking


  5. Monroe Doctrineforeign policy that stated European countries and empires could not interfere in affairs of the United States or in the development of countries in the Western Hemisphere