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Males have higher rates of _____ injury than females.

Fatal Injuries

Over ____ people died at work.


44% of all work-related fatalities were _____.

Transportation Delivery

_____ had the highest death rate for unintentional occupational injuries.

Mining Industry

Workers in the ____ have the highest rate of nonfatal occupational injuries as well as days spent away from work due to injuries

Constructor Industry

In infants, ____ of injury-related deaths occur before they become 4 months of age.


____ is responsible for 40% of deaths in children less than one year.


Motor vehicle accidents are responsible for more than ____ of infant injury deaths.


The use of an infant safety seat in the car can increase the likelihood of survival in a car crash by ____.


Preschoolers have the highest incidence of ____, mostly scalds from hot foods or liquids.

Burn Injuries

____ represent the 3rd & 4th most common injury-related deaths in preschoolers.

Drowning & Choking

One of every 10 deaths in children, ages 6-12, are _____.

Motor Vehicle-Pedestrian Related

Motor vehicle-related deaths are responsible for nearly _____ of all injury deaths in teenagers.


____ of all motor vehicle accidents involve alcohol.


_____ of all drowning involve alcohol.


The most common type of non-fatal injury in teenagers is ____. It is estimated that one of every 14 teens has required hospitalization for a sports injury.


Adolescents are especially vulnerable to fatal crashes at night; they do 20% of their driving at night, but they have more than _____ of their fatalities at night.


Males are ___ times more likely to die of homocide or suicide.


Males are ____ times more likely to die than females of the same age in drowning.


Among adolescents, 15-19 year old, one in every 4 deaths is caused by a firearm. ____ of deaths are from a firearm injury.


____ are ranked 2nd to drowning places.


____ are ranked 1st to drowning places.


____ drowning often occurs in lakes & reservoirs.


A ____ second exposure to 130 degrees can cause a 3rd degree burn.


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