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2012 CSI admin procedures study guide for final

What kind of impression do cool colors create in the reception area?


What medical condition requires immediate medical help


Who decides to keep pateint files inactive or closed in an office?


The most appropriate way to terminate an exam preparation interiew is as follows

"is there anything else you would like the doctor to know"

When identifying the patient's needs for education, consider

the patients current knowledge and motivation to learn.

The P section of SOAP documentation is

the plan of action, which includes treatment, pateint educaion, and follow-up

Important information about a patient's medical history and present condition is found in the

patient's chart

Proofreading involves spelling, format errors, and checking documents

grammatical errors

What is the best way to help a patient remember to schedule an annual breast exam

place the patient's name in a tickler file so when the time arrives, a form will be sent to remind the patient to call for an appointment.

A disadvantage of the open-hours scheduling system

it increases the possibility of inefficient downtime for the doctor

At what grade level should patient education materials be written?

6th grade

There should be a designates area for use of ________ phones in the medical office


The procedure for voiding checks?

write void across the check

When you are respectful of the caller, which of the 5 C's of communication do you exhibit?


First class mail must weigh _________ or less.


the envelope size most commonly used for correspondence is


Children's folk music should be piped into a __________ practice


Horizontal file cabinests are also called

lateral files

And advantage of carpeting in medical office is that it

helps reduce noise

What is ROM

permanent memory that procides the basic operation instructions the computer needs to function

The A section of SOAP documentation includes

the diagnosis or impression of a patient's problem

the first step in filing process is


The subject line is used to

bring the subject of the letter to reader's attention

An efficient way to track inventory is to

use color-coded removable adhesive flags on the inventory card or record page

Preventive health care includes health-promotiong behaviors, screening and


Instead of using a switchboard, telephone calls may be routed by

an automated menu

disadvantage of the wave scheudling system is that

patient become annoyed or angry with realizing they have appointments at the same time as other patients

health is a omplex concept that involves the body, mind, emotions, and


The first step in processing incoming mail is to _________ it


obtaining patient information for an appointment should include which of the following?

purpose of visit

The medical assistant should leave only enough information on an answwering machine or fax machine to enable a patient to return the call. This will place the medical assistant in compliance with __________ law


And advantage of windows is

users can run two or more software programs at a time

the medical abbreviation of twice a day is


another word for transcription is


A doctor's office may have an answering machine to record calls fo a routine nature and to give the number of the answering service to call in emergencies


An example of a screening test is


Sending a fax is much more expensinve than making a telephone call


Files of pateint who have dies, have moved away, or for some other reason no longer consult the office are called

closed files

A computer disaster recovery plan should be in place in the medical office in the event of a

System failure or "crash"

When counting the years in retention schedule, you should begin counting

From the year after the file was produced

in the office serves an older population, choose ______ music


Protection agains spammers is provided by

anti-virus software

Purchasing groups

groups of physicians who order supplies together to obtain a quantity discount

the trackball, touch pad, and ______ are types of pointing devices


An advantage of a notebook computer is that it

operates on a battery or AC adapter

Teaching a patient about the warning signs of cancer is an example of

health promoting behaviors

What is the first thing that should be done when a shipment of supplies arrives at the medical office?

check it against the packing slip

A communication that contains all necessary information demonstrates which of the following


the 1st level of disease and illness prevention is

adopting health promoting behaviors

When selectin colors to decorate a medical office, it is important ot

use only cool colors

Examples of clinical supplies are

needles, syringes, and lubricating jelly

Telecommunications that proides medical support to physicians caring for patient in rural areas is called


patient health education should include

steps to protect against injury

The S section of SOAP documentations is

data that comes directly from the patient

What allows information to be taken from one source and "burned" or copied to a CD?

CD-R Technology

A page is an example of an advanced form of answering machine


An advantage of patient education

it results in greater compliance with prescribed treatment program

Before putting a caller on hold

ask the caller to state the purpose of the call

A new patient call the physician's office and asks how long the appointment will take. The best response is

30 minutes or more

Ordering supplies ahead of schedule

is important when there is a large demand for a product

What is the correct abbreviation for electrocardiogram


The appropriated way to deal with a caller who refuses to identify himself

suggest that he write a letter to the physician and mark it "Personal"

What is the best way to handle an emergency situations when a patient needs to be seen by the physician today?

Explain to the waiting patients that there is an emergency and they can either reschedule or wait

What would you tell a patient who comes to the office witha sore that will not heal?

A sore that does not heal is a warning sign for cancer

Comparison pricing, orderin, and establishing and maintaining relationships with vendors is the responsibility of the

medical assistant

The block style letter is also called

full block letter style

A telephone message that is organized and logical demonstrates


An example of an immunocompromised patient is

a patient receiving chemotherapy

many medical offices use a multiple button telephone


The appointment scheduling system that groups similar appointments together during the day or week is called

cluster scheduling

If you put a caller on hold and determine it will be a long wait,

offer to call the patient back

A device used to input printed matter and convert it into a format that can be read by the computer is a


The purpose of having a patient sign an informed consent form is to ensure that the

patient understands the treatment offered and the outcome

A patient with diabetes whose blood sugar falls too low may experience

confusion of loss of consciousness

A disease or conditiong that cans easily be transmitted form one individual to another is called


The correct abbreviation for Should Be is


files that feature pullout drawers that contain a metal bar equipped to handle letter size or legal size documentas are called

vertical file cabinets

The body of the letter should

begind two lines below the subject line

What type of records does the Internal Revenue Service require doctors to keep for a specified length of time?

Financial records

Fax machines in a medical office

should be in a secure location

A list of supplies a medical office stocks and uses regularly is the


This step can be skipped when filing patient records folders that have been previously filed


Before calling for technical support, you must first

check the computer manual for the answer

Most supplies in the medical office can be classified as administrative, clinical, or


What USPS services provides either next day or second day delivery 365 days a year

Express mail

Another name for a substitute physician who is hired to see patients while the regular physician is away

locum tenens

What are examples of reading materials that should not be placed in the reception area

technical medical brochures

An example of a patient sign

a rash

If you want an item delievered as soon as it reaches the recipient's post office, use

special delivery

the first thing you should do when answering the telephone is

identify the medical office and yourself

filing guidelines include

allowing extra space for retrieving and replacing files

What should be included when creating a reception area accessible to patient with special needs

position coffee table at height accessible to people in wheelchairs

A reference book that gives definition of general words as well as how to spell, divide, and pronounce a word is

a dictionary

Vital supplies

items you absoultely need to run the office efficiently

A purchase order

a form that authorizes a purchase for the practice

A warranty on a typewriter does not cover

damage sustained in a flood

a retention schedule details

when files should be moved to storage and how long they are to be kept

Colors fall within which two areas?

cool and ward

When a call with patient is long or complicated

summarize the details of the call to ensure understanding by both you and the patient

The O in SOAP documentation is

data that comes from the examination results and from the physician

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