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Westward Expansion 2

This action began the Mexican War
President Polk ordered Zachary Taylor to station troops on disputed land.
Louisiana Purchase
Acquisition that secured control of North America's longest river, doubled the size of the United States?
Conflict with Mexico became highly likely following the granting of statehood to this state.
Purpose of the Indian Removal Act
Make Indian land available for white miners and farmers
Stephen Austin
He fulfilled his dead father's dream by settling a group of Americans in Texas.
Battle of the Alamo
Battle won by Mexican army. Executed Texans following battle.
Battle of San Jacinto
Battle where Santa Anna had surrendered, and was forced to grant Texans their independence.
Lone Star Republic
What Texas called itself after it became independent from Mexico
James K. Polk
He started the war with Mexico because he wanted Mexican land.
John Sutter and James Marshall
Two men are most closely linked to the discovery of gold in California
People who went to California during the gold rush period
group of Americans sought who sought religious freedom in the West
spread of slavery
This national issue was the reason why some people opposed the War with Mexico
add a territory onto an existing state or country
Mexican Cession
Lands sold by Mexico to the US following the Mexican War