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Graphic Design 2

vocab words set two
a method of painting on plaster, either dry or wet. In the latter method, pigments are applied to thin layers of wet plastaer so that they will be absorbed and the painting becomes part of the wall.
Bas Relief:
a French term meanind "low raised work." This art, along with high relief, is known collectively as relief sculpture. Mean to be seen primarily from one direction-as opposed to sculpture which is in the round.
painting carried out in black ink, with no additional color, but often giving the impression of color through the manipulation of tones: Japanese cultural images are often depicted.
Halftone art:
printed imagery in which shades of gray are represented by a minute pattern of dots of variable sizes.
sans serif - In typography, a letter designed without "without stroke". Also called blockletter. The oldest lettering in recorded history was sans serif
typography -
The design, arrangement, style, and appearance of type matter constitute typography.
condensed type -
In typography, a narrow version of regular type.
Cyan, Magentia, Yellow and Black system for reproduction of color in print--"four color printing/processing".
resolution, output -
resolution, output - The number of dots per inch, dpi, used to display a digital image on a monitor or in print. The resolution for Web graphics is typically 72 dpi, way too low for most print purposes.
DPI or dpi -
Dots per inch. A measurement of the scanning resolution of an image or the quality of an output device. Expresses the number of dots a printer can print per inch, or monitor can display, both horizontally and vertically. A 600-dpi printer can print 360,000 (600 x 600) dots on one square inch of paper.
When the curves and other lines in a graphic becomes jagged, the resolution of the graphics file is too low. The graphic is then referred to as "aliased".
Softening of the jagged edges in images that have become aliased.
is a function in graphic design software that, when applied to an image, gives the image the appearance of being raised out of the surface. A common example is buttons on websites. The appearance of the bevel is created by the application of lighter and darker colors to the image.
A tool used (in Adobe Photoshop) to darken an area of an image.
cast shadow
Similar to a drop shadow but with added perspective to create the illusion of a third dimension.
cloning pixels
A function in image editing software that can copy a part of the image and place it elsewhere. It can be used to remove blemishes on a models skin, text on a scanned image etc.
To bleach (lighten) a part or the whole of an image.
An adjustment that makes the tonal distribution lighter or darker. Gamma adjustments are made to monitors, scanners or during an image editing process. Photoshop does this in the histogram level changes.