15 terms

Static Electricity

Is a measure of the extra positive or negative particles that an object has.
static electricity
It'ss the charge that stays on an object.
electric field
It's the space where electric forces occur around an object., the space around an object in which electric forces occur
electric current
A flow of electric charges. The continuous flow of electric charges through a material
A path that is made for an electric current. An electrical device that provides a path for electrical current to flow
electric cell
A battery is an _________, which supplies energy to move charges through a circuit., a device that supplies energy to move charges through a circuit.
is a material that current can pass through easily. A material that easily allows the flow of electricity.
A material that current cannot pass through easily. A material that does not allow heat or electrons to move through it easily
A material that resists but doesn't stop the flow of current. An electrical device that resists the flow of electrical current.
series circuit
A circuit that has only one path for the current is called a _______. A circuit in which the objects are connected in a single path
Parallel circuit
has more than one path for current to travel. Circuit in which electric current can follow more than one path.
Is an object that attracts certain materials, usually objects made of iron or steel.
magnetic pole
A magnet has two ends called _______, or just poles for short.
magnetic field
is the space all around a magnet where the force of the magnet can act. The area of magnetic force around a magnet.
Is a temporary magnet, there is a magnetic field only when there is an electric current in the wire.

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