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main character, 14 years old, poor orphan, very daring and sarcastic, rebels against authority

Bevin Conner (Sir Conner, Master Conner)

strong, upper class male, about 40 years old, is collecting orphans for an evil and dangerous quest, one of King Eckbert's regents/advisors

Mrs. Turbeldy

fat and strong woman, mean, owns the orphanage where Sage lives, does not take very good care of the orphans


one of Conner's mean vigils, takes his orders from Conner's other vigil, short and pale guy with long blond hair worn in a ponytail


sickly orphan boy (about 14 years old) who gets killed by Cregan when he says that he would like to leave the quest


orphan (about 14 years old) who is healthy-looking, large, and tan, he is the one who let the vigils know that Sage was awake- Strong and good with a sword. Uneducated


the last orphan to be picked up, stands out from the others because he is educated


Conner's mean head vigil, orders around Conner's other vigil, tall, dark-skinned, almost bald, he is lean and muscular

King Eckbert

the king of Carthya, lives in Drylliad (the capital city of Carthya)










This is the country that King Eckberet is from, and is where the first part of the story takes place.


The capital city of Carthya


A hostile country that borders Carthya

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