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la grenouille

the frog

la ballerine

the ballerina

le chanteur

the singer (m)

la chanteuse

the singer (f)

un opéra

an opera

un étang

a pond


I adore

une lampe

a lamp

il sent

he smells

une fleur

a flower

il avance

he advances

il recule

he reverses

la magie

the magic

il veut se cacher

he wants to hide (himself)

tu dois cacher le stylo

you must hide the pen

il aime apprendre

he likes to learn

je peux nager

I can swim

il aime sentir les fleurs

he likes to smell the flowers

il doit avancer

he must advance

il doit reculer

he must reverse

tu sens mauvais

you smell bad

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