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  1. This medium is capable of combining the gestural vitality of the pen line with a watery quality.
  2. With this drawing implement, the artist draws by dragging a silver-tipped implement over a surface coated with a ground of bone dust or chalk mixed with gum, water, and pigment.
  3. Wax crayons, like pastels, combine ground pigment with a ________; in this case, wax.
  4. The most basic of the two-dimensional art forms is ________.
  5. While this medium can duplicate the linearity of brush-and-ink drawings, it can also be used to create images solely through tonal contrasts.
  1. a drawing
  2. b pen and wash
  3. c silverpoint
  4. d binder
  5. e brush and wash

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  1. a quill
  2. silverpoint
  3. pastel
  4. silverpoint
  5. implement

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  1. The relative hardness or softness of a ________ depends on the quantity of clay mixed with the pigment material.wide


  2. The masters of brush-and-ink are artists of ________.Japan


  3. Conté is one of the most popular forms of this material.crayon


  4. This fluid drawing tool comes in a wide variety of materials, textures, and shapes and affords many effects.silverpoint


  5. In most cases, drawing is the most direct way of bringing what is in the artist's ________ to the artist's surfacecrayon