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  1. Ground chalk mixed with powdered pigments and a binder creates this drawing material.
  2. Artists capitalize on the idiosyncratic characteristics of the ________ and support to capture a desired expression in drawing.
  3. Conté is one of the most popular forms of this material.
  4. With this drawing implement, lines are barely visible when first made, but become darker as the drawing ages.
  5. Ocher derives its dark yellow tint from iron oxide in some ________.
  1. a silverpoint
  2. b pastel
  3. c crayon
  4. d clays
  5. e implement

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  1. brush
  2. pencil
  3. wax crayon
  4. Japan
  5. pencil

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  1. The controlled charring of special hard woods forms this drawing material.charcoal


  2. With this drawing implement, the artist draws by dragging a silver-tipped implement over a surface coated with a ground of bone dust or chalk mixed with gum, water, and pigment.silverpoint


  3. Pencil is capable of producing a ________ range of effectsDiluted ink that is usually applied with a brush


  4. Wax crayons, like pastels, combine ground pigment with a ________; in this case, wax.wide


  5. In most cases, drawing is the most direct way of bringing what is in the artist's ________ to the artist's surfacecrayon