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What are sexual transmitted diseases?

Infections spread from person to person through sexual contact.

What does Asymptomatic mean?

showing no signs or symptoms

What is HPV?

Human Papillomavirus- Virus

What is chlamydia?


What is genital herpes?


What is gonorrhea?


What is trichomoniasis?

protozoan, microscopic parasite

What is syphilis?


What are symptoms of HPV?

warts, asymptomatic

What are long term effects of HPV?

Cervical cancer in females

What are symptoms of chlamypia?

burning during urination, unusual discharge, women can bave fever and bleeding

What are long term effects of chlamypia?

inflammation, women can have damage to fallopian tubes and infertility

What are symptoms of genital herpes?

blisters, sores, and fever

What are long term effects of genital herpes?

inflections to babies, psychological distress

What are symptoms of gonorrhea?

pain during urination, unusual discharge, and bleeding in women

What are long term effects of long term effects of gonorrhea?

chronic pain and infertility

What are symptoms of trichomoniasis?

pain during urination, women can have strong odor and/or unusual discharge

What are long term effects of trichomoniasis?

discomfort, pain, women put babies at infections.

What are symptoms of syphilis?

single sore (disappears) and rash

What are long term effects of syphilis?

serious damage to internal organs (brain,heart, nerves

Why do STI's untreated?

embarrassment or fear
lack of symptoms
notification policies-health care providers are not required to report all STI's (HPV & Herpes)

What are antibiotics?

A class of chemical agents that destroy disease-causing microorganisms while leaving the patient unharmed.

5 ways to stay abstinent?

set personal limits
avoid dating someone who is sexually active
avoid situations that may lead to sex
be clear about your intentions on dates
practice refusal skills

What are high risk behaviors?

being sexually active with more than one person
engaging in unprotected sex
engaging in sexual-activity with high-risk partners
using alcohol or drugs


Diagnosis - physical examination, pap test for women
Treatment - NO cure


Diagnosis - urine test, test on infected site
Treatment - cured with antibiotics

Genital Herpes

Diagnosis - visual inspection, blood test
Treatment - NO CURE, antiviral medication can shorten outbreaks


Diagnosis - Lab tests, urine test
Treatment - antibiotics, strain is becoming drug resistant making treatment difficult


Diagnosis - physical exam, lab tests
Treatment - pill, single dose


Diagnosis - physical examination, blood test
Treatment - antibiotics or penicillin

What are HPV Vaccines?

A vaccine that can prevent cervical cancer, pre-cancerous genital lesions (or sores), and genital warts.

What is HIV and AIDS?

Human immunodeficiency virus - a virus that attacks the immune system.
Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome - a disease in which the immune system is weakened.

3 ways HIV can spread

sexual intercourse
sharing needles
mother to baby

Four stages of HIV

Asymptomatic - no outward signs (up to 10 years)
Middle - patients experience flu like symptoms (fever, headache, sore throat)
Symptomatic - helper T-cell count falls to 200 - 400 per milliliter of blood
AIDS - helper T - cells fall bellow 200

What is the Safe Delivery Act?

A baby may be surrendered to a "safe place" (fire station, police station, or hospital) with no questions asked.
After 28 days the baby will be placed up for adoption.

What is the age of consent in Michigan

16 years - anyone engaging in sex with someone under 16 could face criminal charges.

What are new cases of HIV?

Over 40,000 new cases yearly in the U.S - 5,000 of those will be between the ages of 13 - 24
Over 2.5 million new yearly cases world wide

What is the EIA test?

test that screens for antibodies (first test)

What is the Western Plot test?

test that detects the HIV antibodies and confirms the EIA test.

What is the RNA test?

shows the amount of the virus in the blood

What is the CD4 test?

shows the number of white blood cells

What is the Rapid test?

new test that gives results in 20 minutes

What are the Benefits For Early Detection?

Slow the virus down quickly before it spread
Avoid spreading the virus to others
Quickly being placed on medication with a proper diet and exercise programs can slow the virus

What are Drugs that slow the HIV virus?

A powerful treatment known as antiretroviral therapy or HAART
New single-pill treatment has been found to have similar effects

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