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Principles of the Constitution-actual sheet

Mrs. Troy's Class
The idea of Popular Sovereignty is?
The government gets authority from the people.
The idea of Limited Government is?
The government only has the powers that the Constitution gives it.
The idea of Separation of Powersis?
The government is divided into three branches. Each branch has specific powers.
The idea of Checks and Balances is?
A system that make sure there is no abuse of power. Each branch has the power to check or limit the actions of the other two.
The idea of Federalism is?
The division of power between the federal and state government.
The idea of Republicanim is?
Citizens elect representatives to carry out their will, instead of taking part directly.
The idea of Individual rights is?
Protection of rights and liberties.
What is an example of Popular Sovereignty?
Being able to vote
What is an example of Limited Government?
Banning slavery in 20 years
What is an example of Separation of Powers?
Judical, Executive, Legislative
What is an example of Checks and Balances?
Bills must go through different stages
What is an example of Federalism?
Powers only given to federal government or state government
What is an example of Republicanim?
What is an example of Individual rights?
Liberty, Justice, and representation