17 terms

Body Systems and Organization 2

covers and protects underlying tissue
joins, supports, protects, insulates, and nourishes organs
cells contract and relax for movement
sends electrical signals through the body
Skeletal Muscle
enables bones to move; triceps
Smooth Muscle
moves food through digestive system; stomach
Cardiac Muscle
pumps blog around body; heart
Hair follicles
tiny sac where the hair forms in the dermis
Oil gland
release oil that keeps hair flexible and waterproofs epidermis
Fat cells
store fat
What is unique about your hair and nails?
They are both made out of the same stuff and are nonliving.
Involuntary Examples
cardiac, digestive
Voluntary examples
How do muscles work?
In pairs. Extensor and Flexor.
How does Aerobic Exercise help?
Strengthens heart and increases endurance.
How does Resistance Exercise help?
Strengthen skeletal muscles.
Major functions of skin?
-Keeps water in your body and foreign particles out
-Lets you feel the outside world
-Helps regulate your body temperature
-Gets rid of wastes