Leadership Traits

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Western Civilization Traits


The ability to make wise decisions based on reason and moral principle.


Doing your duty regardless of fatique or other factors.


The asurance to be sucessful in all endevors.


Sound judgement and making good decisions at the proper time.


The ability to take action without waiting for orders or administration.


The readyness to read study, seek chalenges, and work to strengthen beliefs, values, ethics, and knowlege.


Sensitivity to the feelings, values, well being, and intrists of others.


Thinking of innavative ideas, programs, and solutions to problems.


Teachability, correcting weakness, or imperfections in your character, knowlege, or skills.


The perserverance to accomplish a goal regardlesss of insermountable obstacles.


making timely or appropriate changes in thinking, plans, or methods when you see a better way.


Mental, Spiritual, and Physical stamina.

Poise under Stress

Confident control of emotions under adverse conditions.


The fair treatment of all people


Taking charge when nessesary.

Sense of Humor

Not taking yourself seriously.


Posture, overall appearance and manor of physical movement.

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