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  1. meter
  2. solid
  3. triple bond
  4. partial pressure
  5. perfect gas
  1. a A state of matter having a definite shape and a definite volume, whose particles cohere rigidly to one another, so it can be independent of its container.
  2. b The pressure exerted independently by each gas in a mixture of gases.
  3. c A gas that behaves exactly according to theory.
  4. d SI unit of length. 39.37 inches.
  5. e A covalent bond in which three pairs of electrons are shared between two atoms.

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  1. The shape of the surface of a liquid when placed in a glass cylinder.
  2. A solution with one mole of solute per mole of solution.
  3. The substance that is dissolved in a solution.
  4. Stored energy, or the energy of an object due to its relative position.
  5. Evaporation.

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  1. molaritySmall discrete increments of energy.


  2. propertiesThe characteristics of substances that give them unique identities.


  3. speed (of a wave)A measurement of how fast a wave moves through space.


  4. volume percent (solution)The volume of solute in 100 mL of solution.


  5. physical propertiesInherent physical properties of a substance that can be determined without altering its composition: color, taste, odor, state of matter, density, melting point, boiling point.