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  1. properties
  2. solution
  3. meniscus
  4. vaporization
  5. proton
  1. a A subatomic particle found in the nucleus of the atom that caries a positive electrical charge and a mass of about 1 amu.
  2. b The characteristics of substances that give them unique identities.
  3. c Evaporation.
  4. d The shape of the surface of a liquid when placed in a glass cylinder.
  5. e A system of a solvent and one or more solutes homogeneously mixed.

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  1. A measure of the earth's gravitational attraction for an object.
  2. An explanation of the general principles of certain phenomena with considerable evidence to support it; a well established hypothesis.
  3. The mass percent represented by each element in the compound.
  4. A homogeneous part of a system separated from the other parts by a physical boundary.
  5. The resistance in a liquid to increase its surface area.

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  1. principal energy levels of electronsExisting within the atom, these energy levels contain orbitals within which electrons are found.


  2. temperatureA measure of the intensity of heat, or of how hot or cold a system is; SI unit is the kelvin (K).


  3. trigonal planarAn arrangement of atoms in the VSEPR model where the three pairs of electrons are placed 120 degrees apart on a flat plane.


  4. limiting reactantA chemical substance entering into a chemical reaction.


  5. partial pressureStored energy, or the energy of an object due to its relative position.