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guidelines that help us know right from wrong


a principal, standard, or quality that you consider worthwhile or desirable


a character trait in which you already posses and live out

ethical dilemma

a choice between two options that are mutually exclusive or equally unfavorable

golden mean

the idea of a mid way point of a virtue to be balance.

Truth vs. Loyalty


Individual vs. Community

balancing needs

Short term vs. Long term

resources, time, energy

Justice vs. Mercy


Ends-Based thinking (utilitarian principle)

produces the greatest good for the greatest number

Rule-Based Thinking

setting a standard principal that is followed universally

Care-Based Thinking (golden rule)

do to others what you would like them to do to you


belief in many gods


belief in one god


follow the dharma; in the right place, in the right space


following the 8 fold path; if you follow this path, they you will begin to know your true self


follow the ten commandments


sermon on the mount; love thy neighbor as thyself


five pillars; follow the five pillars throughout life

moral temptation

a decision of something right vs. something wrong

questions to ask yourself

does it violate the law? does what your thinking of doing depart from the truth? do you stay within the boundaries of your communities?


tricking yourself into thinking something is ok

gut check

does it feel right?

front page

would you do it if anyone/everyone knew?

mom test

would your family or community approve?

where are ethical standards rooted?


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