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Org Behavior test 1

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Which of these refers to the perspective that companies take their sustenance from the environment and, in turn, affect that environment through their outputs?
Open system
As part of the knowledge management process, experimentation is conductive to:
Knowledge acquisition.
Twice each year, a minor car parts mfg brings together production and engineering specialists from its eight divisions to discuss ideas, solutions, and concerns. This helps to minimize the 'silos of knowledge' problem that exists in many organizations. This practice is known as an example of:
Knowledge sharing.
Stable, long-lasting beliefs about what is important in a variety of situations are:
called values.
Corporate social responsibility is most-closely related to which organizational behavior trends?
Workplace values and ethics.
The Triple Bottom Line philosophy says that:
companies should try to support the economic, social, and environmental spheres of sustainability.
Which of the following refers to goal-directed activities under the individual's control that support organizational objectives:
Task performance
Showing up late for work or not showing up at all represents:
forms of counterproductive work behaviors.
If Dave's employees quit their jobs, according to research, the main reason why they quit their jobs may be that:
they are dissatisfied with the job or work context.
Which discipline has provided organizational behavior with much of its theoretical foundation for team dynamics, organizational power, and organizational socialization?
Motivation affects a person's ___ of voluntary behavior.
Direction, intensity, and persistence.
Ability includes which?
Aptitudes and learned skills.
All technical employees at a paper mill take a course on how to operate a new paper-rolling machine. This course will improve job performance mainly by altering employee:
learned capabilities.
_____characterizes people with high levels of anxiety, hostility, depression, and self-consciousness.
People function better when their ____ has many elements that are compatible with each other and relatively clear.
Which of the following statements about cross-cultural values is TRUE?
People with high individualism can have any level of collectivism.
People with a high _____ value assertiveness, competitiveness, and materialism.
Achievement orientation.
Which of the following represents values that determine whether actions are right or wrong and outcomes are good or bad?
According to MARS model, the new employees Dave has hired will likely:
have lower job performance due to poor role perceptions.
_____ is the mostly unconscious process of organizing people and objects into preconceived categories that are stored in our long-term memory.
Categorical thinking.
Prejudice and discrimination are most closely tied to which of these concepts?
Self-serving bias is associated with which perceptual process?
Which of the following illustrates the first step in self-fulfilling prophecy process?
A supervisor forms an incorrect impression of the employee.
The philosophy of positive organizational behavior states that:
focusing on the positive rather that negative aspects of life will improve organizational success and individual well-being.
In the Johari Window, feedback from others helps us to:
Increase our open area by reducing our blind area.
Which of these occurs when the introduction of a consequence increases or maintains the frequency of future probability of a desired behavior?
Positive reinforcement
In most situations, we should follow desired behavior with ______ and follow undesirable behavior with_________
Positive reinforcement; extinction
Behavioral modeling and self-reinforcement are components of:
social learning theory.
Organizational learning involves mainly:
Knowledge management.
Which of the following statements about emotions is FALSE?
We continuously experience an emotion for days or weeks at a time.
Beliefs, feelings, and behavioral intentions are components of:
The uncomfortable tension felt when our behavior and attitudes are inconsistent with each other is called:
cognitive dissonance
The ability to perceive and express emotion, assimilate emotion in thought, understand and reason with emotion, and regulate emotion in oneself and others is called:
emotional intelligence
relationship management is:
the highest level of emotional intelligence.
A person's evaluation of his/her job is called:
job satisfaction.
The exit-voice-loyalty-neglect (EVLN) model:
is a template for organizing and understanding the consequences of job dissatisfaction.
Which of the following statements about job satisfaction and job performance is true:
Employees who are satisfied with their jobs tend to have somewhat higher job performance.
All of these are prominent strategies for building organizational commitment except:
Self-reinforcement can potentially minimize stress by:
helping employees to develop more favorable perceptions of the stressors.