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how do you know what is being stated is really true

points of view

Do you need to look at this issue from another person's point of view.


how important is this issue


does the writer/speaker/singer state reasons


does the writer/speaker/ singer identify portential bias or questionable jumpis in thinking.


does the writer/ speaker/singer understand and take responsibility for consequences of communicated thoughts or beliefs.


to think for onesself


have courage of your intellect and belief


pu yourself in the place of others to increase your understanding of issues.

native american - beliefs / dogmas

-we are all from the earth.
-Hopi prophecy say storms and floods will become greater, time, evolution treat all things spiritually and one family, 10 commandments that there one with nature
- sun is the source of all
- the spirit worls is really where our life is

native american- name for divine

konkachila (grandfather)

native american sacred symbols

- feathers
-fire represents life
-the sun

native american- rituals/ worship

chants meaning peace (walela)
cherokee prayer blessing
sun dance

native american- myths

Alabama Tribe Myths, at the beginning of the world, Bear acts as the father of the tribe, he took care of his people, this myth talks abou hwo there used to be only animals and nature and now humans came a long and became one with both animals and nature.

native american - scriptures

-There are no scriptures weirtern down because they are passed.

native american- leadership and organization

tribal cheif, shaman, medicine man







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