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A tree or shrub that grows in a muddy area.

Niger River

A river that runs across western Africa.

Subsistence Farms

Farmers who grow food only for their family.


A region in northern Africa.


When grasslands become deserts.

Lake Tanganyika

The longest fresh-water lake in the world.


Covers up the rainforest from sunlight.

Hydroelectric Power

Electricity generated by flowing water.

Coral Reefs

A place where dead sea animals are by the surface to look at.


Illegal hunting of protected animals.

Great Rift Valley

A depression in eastern Africa.

Free Enterprise System

A privately owned capital building.


Means "pulling together."

Serengeti Plain

Famous tourist site for wildlife, huge grasslands, and tree patches, and shrubs.

Lake Victoria

The largest lake in Africa and the 2nd largest fresh-water lake in the world.

Mt. Kilimanjaro

A mountain with three inactive volcanoes.


Tourist's from another country to see a wildlife habitat.


Fiber used from this plant to make ropes or matting.


A small plant that has huge leaves and roses on it.


A region drained by a river.


A species threatened to become extinct.


Mass murder of people because of their religion or race.


People who are forced to move into another country because of war.

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