Ecce Romani Ch. 14

24 terms by shyfox2242

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it happens

ago, agere,

to do, drive

cesso, cessare,

to be idle, do nothing

concido, concidere,

to fall down

deverto, devertere,

to turn aside, divert

extraho, extrahere,

to drag out, extract

gaudeo, gaudere,

to be glad, rejoice

haereo, haerere,

to stick

interpello, interpellare,

to interrupt

moveo, movere,

to move

ars, artis


cisium, cisii,

light 2-wheeled carriage

culpa, culpae

fault, blame

cunctus, cuncti


periculum, periculi


commotus, commota, commotum


incolumnis, incolumne

unhurt, safe and sound

noster, nostra, nostrum



very quickly, most quickly


in vain


gently, peacefully, placidly



tua culpa

because of your fault; it's your fault

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