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exotic, colorful, sensual emotions. fantasy, ottomons. decline of eroic white male.


A female slave or concubine in the harems of the Middle East, especially in that of Turkey's sultan. It was a favorite subject of nineteenth century European artists, sometimes called orientalists, and was depicted as a reclining nude or semi-nude in typically Turkish surroundings. J.A.D. Ingres (French, 1780-1867) and Henri Matisse (French, 1869-1954) each painted several.

Wandered above the sea of mist

Casper David Friedrich, nature is above man concept. perhaps man contemplating place in the world

Rain, Steam and Speed

It was painted in 1844 by Joseph Turner and had a haziness to it. He uses effects of light and shadow on the environment of the painting. has a bunny in it to represent speed. both old and new forms of transportation and architecture compete in this painting.

Liberty Leading the People

Standing on top of a barricade holding a french flag. Allegorical figure called liberty. Shows middle and working class. Man with tophat is middle class, boy with pistols is working class. Woman painted to resemble Michelangelo's Libyan Sibyl. Eugene Delacroix

The nightmare 1781

Henri Fuselli. painting of a women who fuselli was obsesse with yet got rejected. painting contains a crazy horse, chiaroscuro (Dramatic Light), and a inncubus/troll that is sitting on the woman.

Francisco Goya

A Spanish painter and printmaker, Goya (1746-1828) worked for the Spanish Crown, and was a member of the Romanticist movement. He painted Third of May, 1808 in commemoration of the massacres of the Spanish people during the French occupation of Iberia.

The third of may 1808

large scale painting with dramatic light from lamp. victim is dieing for his people, soldiers shooting him, hands up in a jesus pose. the soldiers' pose is a reference to the oath of horatii. couldn;t paint this in 1808 or goya would have been killed-so he painted it in 1814

La Maja Denuda

painting by goya: first large scale nude that wasn't foriegn. the woman was not anonymous. other non anonymous nude paintings started showing up after goya

hierarchy of genres (paintings)

history, portraits, genre (scenes of everyday life), landscape, still-life

the Paris Salon

place where best of best was shown, gallery where rich came and if they liked what they saw they would commision more art to be made

Napoleon at the Plague House at Jaffa

Antoine-Jean Gros, 1804, Neoclassicism/Romanticism -glorifies Napoleon as possessing the miraculous power to heal.
During napoleans campaign his soldiers get struck with the plague, was illegal to leave plague house if you had the plague. This never actually happened, he asked Gros to paint him this way, Napolean actually poisoned his soldiers.

Raft of the Medusa

1819, theodore gercault, huge in deminsions, examining disaster, features roman soldier from davids painting, mangled bodies, looked at normal rather than ideal bodies


painting that applies the pigment thickly so that brush or palette knife marks are visible


Licked Surface

flat slick smooth surface of a painting opposite of painterly / impasto

Barbizon School

An association/school of French landscape painters, c. 1840-70, who lived in the village of Barbizon and who painted directly from nature. Theodore Rousseau was a leader; Millet(gleaners) was also associated with the group.

Prix de Rome

an annual prize awarded for HISTORICAL/DEVINE RELIGOUS PAINTINGS NOT PERSONAL / FUN PAINTINGS. it was awarded by the French government (academy) in a competition of painters and artists and sculptors and musicians and architects winner gets all expenses paid to villa midici in rome to study art.

The burial at Ornans

painting by Gustave Courbet. not something devine (becuase he was a radical socialist). this was new. he chose REGULAR old death (funeral), punch of people in foreground. jesus/death symbols. kids ready to leave. women to the right men to the left.

The Stone Breakers

painting by Gustave Courbet. Not idealized, very straight forward. only a little corner of light works to add the sense of being trapt. figures are annoymous/poor/not fake or idealized.two men breaking stones

the gleaners

Jean-Francois Millet. this is a anti liberal/ very conservative painting. it is of field workers working for men who own the land. it depicts the workers as content, not oppressed. it has poor women in the background picking what the workers leave behind. almost gives the vibe that "everyone wins/ Everyone is happy with their social status".

Execution of emperor Maximilian

1867, edouard Manet, faces of victims erased, soldiers are detached, anonymous report of history even though it is significant subject matter,
unproportional. LOOKS JUST LIKE GOYA'S 8TH OF MAY. french soldiers killin the emperor.,

Yoruba Eshu Staff

used to communicate with spirits/make patterns in sand. looks like Torah Yad.

Kanaga Mask

Dogon (Mali) a large towering wooden structure with black pigmentation. A box-like angular face mask with a classic sharp, slender nose is surmounted by two pairs of "double L" shaped arms; one extending downwards towards the earth the other reaching towards the heavens. This picture isnt the kanaga mask but its similar.

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