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  1. When the feet are put together, they make a special pattern called ______.
  2. Many poems have a spectic ______ ________.
  3. Comparison that often uses a form of to be
  4. Through __________ we delight in a field of daffadils, pherhaps see a sandpiper dancing across the wet sand, or gaze a heaven. (somthing in a poem you can see)
  5. _____ gives human qualitys to an nonhuman object
  1. a metaphor
  2. b Rhyme scheme
  3. c Visual Imagery
  4. d personification
  5. e meter

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  1. hyperbole
  2. Idiom
  3. poetry
  4. Iambus
  5. M

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  1. This rythmic quality is produced by the rise and fall of the sounds whcih suggest the ___________ or _______ of the poem.action or mood


  2. Traditional poems have _______ and ________.stressed and unstressed.


  3. ________ is a set of stressed and unstressed syllables.Iamb


  4. A sound word. Ex. Chugged, rickety, babbled, howledonomatoeia


  5. AABBA is an example of a ______________. (has star)*rhyme scheme