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IDs for Chapter 22


Ludwig von Rochau; originated 1853; politics shouldn't be based on ideological notions or moralistic or ethical premises; politics should be based on power & on practical and material factors and considerations; influenced policies after the many revolutions of 1848 & Bismarck

Baron Haussmann

civic planner; 3/27/1809-1/11/1893; France; helped Napoleon "rebuild Paris"; led to Napoleon's empire


city with special status in Ukraine, 2nd largest port in Ukraine; important for trade & shipbuilding since fall of Soviet Union

Victor Emmanuel II

King of Sardinia; 1849-1861; Sardinia; became first king of a united Italy since 500; given title Father of the Fatherland by Italians after death

Red Shirts

volunteers who followed Giuseppe Garibaldi; during Mille expedition to Southern Italy; Italy; freed Uruguay, gave it independence; led to formation of Italian Legion


statesman; 4/1/1815-7/30/1898; Germany; unified several German states into powerful German Empire under Prussian rule; created the "balance of power" that kept the peace in Europe 1871-1914


originated 1867; North German Confederation & German Reich needed a parliament; no formal right to install or dismiss the government, shared power with Bundesrat; considered a modern, progressive parliament...allowed males over 25 to vote; still in power

Francis Joseph

Emperor of Austria, King of Bohemia, King of Croatia, Apostolic King of Hungary, King of Galicia and Lodomeria and Grand Duke of Cracow; 8/18/1830-11/21/1916; Germany; became President of German Federation; caused Dual Monarchy of Austro-Hungarian Empire


1867; Hungary/Austria; to end the troubling conflict of nationalism; Francis Joseph; established sovereignty of the Kingdom of Hungary; established independence between Austria and Hungary

Alexander Herzen

pro-Western writer and thinker; 4/6/1812-1/21/1870; Russia; father of Russian socialism, one of main fathers of agrarian populism; led to emancipation of serfs, novel My Past and Thoughts is great example of Russian autobiography

Lord Palmerston

statesman, twice Prime Minister; 10/20/1784-10/18/1865; Great Britain; liberal interventionist when it came to British foreign policy; still a controversial figure today for actions while in office

Missouri Compromise

1820; United States; made to regulate slavery in Western territories; made my United States Congress; prohibits slavery in former Louisiana Territory North of parallel 36 degrees 30 feet except within the boundaries of Missouri; led to much controversy over slavery in the future (Civil War)

Compromise of 1850

1850; United States; slavery vs. no slavery in territory acquired after Mexican-American War; created by Henry Clay & Stephen Douglas; Texas relinquishes territorial claims except El Paso & panhandle, California enters Union as free state, rule of popular sovereignty granted, stronger Fugitive Slave Act, slave trading banned in Washington D.C.; managed to prevent secession & civil war for 4 years

Karl Marx

philosopher, economist, sociologist, historian, journalist, and revolutionary socialist; 5/5/1818-3/14/1883; Germany; published The Communist Manifesto & Capital; led to formation of Soviet Union & People's Republic of China, & influenced Lenin, Stalin, Trotsky, & Mao

Das Capital

by Karl Marx; 1867 published; capitalism isn't the way; socialism!; influenced socialist countries then & today

Ignaz Semmelweis

physician; 7/1/1818-8/13/1865; Hungary; early pioneer of antiseptic procedures, found out washing your hands prevents disease; eventually listened to & saved many lives, although during his time he was ignored and ridiculed

Harriet Hunt

student; 1800s; United States; applied to Harvard, was stopped from enrolling by the sexist male students who protested; influenced Elizabeth Blackwell who was the first female to get into medical school

Elizabeth Blackwell

medical student; 1821-1910; New York, United States; first female admitted into Geneva College of Medicine, received her M.D.; established a female-run clinic in NYC

Auguste Comte

philosopher; 1/19/1798-9/5/1857; France; founder of sociology and positivism, first philosopher of modern science; theories culminated in the "religion of humanity" which influenced religious humanism & Secular humanism

William Thackeray

novelist; 7/18/1811-12/24/1863; England; published Vanity Fair, a satire on English society; great novelist, still renowned today

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