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Fibrous pericardium

outer fibrous bag; tough and protective.

Parietal pericardium

inner liner of fibrous pericardium.

visceral pericardium

covers heart.

pericardial cavity

between parietal and visceral pericardium; contains serous fluid which reduces frictions as heart moves.


inflammation of pericardium; caused by viral or bacterial infection; adhesions attach layers'; very painful.


outer layer; serous membrane that reduces friction.


middle layer; thickest; "power' layer, thickness gives strength; mostly cardiac muscle.


inner layer; epithelial and connective tissues that lines heart cavity and valves.

superior vena cava

returns blood from head, neck, shoulders, arms; carries deoxygenated blood back to heart.

inferior vena cava

collects blood from lower body; carries deoxygenated blood back to heart.


carries oxygenated blood from heart; originates from left ventricle; branches to carry blood to all parts of body; carries oxygenated blood.

pulmonary trunk

originates in right ventricle.

left and right pulmonary artery

carries deoxygenated blood to lungs; out of back of heart (blue)

left and right pulmonary veins

carries oxygenated blood back to left atrium; 2 from each lung (red)

coronary vessels

on surface of heart; separates right atrium from right ventricle; coronary artery and vein lie in:


groove- separates right and left ventricles.


tip end of the heart


there are two of them the right atrium and left atrium; receiving chambers; auricles- mushroom cap that can expand to provide extra spaces; on surface; right auricle and left auricle.
Superior and inferior vena cava empty into right atrium; pulmonary veins empty into left atrium.


there are two right ventricle and left ventricle; pumping chambers; largest part of heart.





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