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  1. family law
  2. dissolution
  3. in forma pauperis
  4. levy
  5. Divisible Divorce
  1. a A divorce judgment that is enforceable only in part. A divorce judgment can (1) dissolve the marriage (2) award spousal support, (3) award child support, (4) divide marital property and (5) award child custody. AS we will see, a court needs more that one kind of jurisdiction to accomplish all of these objectives. The court may try to accomplish all five, but only that part of the judgment for which it had proper jurisdiction is enforceable. In other words, the judgment is divisible int the parts for which the court had proper jurisdiction and the parts for which it did not. For example, assume that a court dissolves the marriage and awards child support. If the court had the right kinds of jurisdiction to award child support, then only the part of the judgment that dissolved the marriage is enforceable. Another state would not havae to give full faith and credit to the child-support award but would have to give such credit to the dissolution itself.
  2. b the collection or seizure of property by a marshal or sheriff with a writ of execution.
  3. c the body of law that defines relationships, rights, and duties in the formation, existence, and dissolution of marriage and other family units.
  4. d a divorce; a court's termination of a marriage.
  5. e as a poor person (allowing the waiver of court fees.)

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  1. a disorder suffered by some children at the center of a custody dispute. They idealize one parent while expressing hatred for the other, even though the relationship with both parents was relatively positive before the dispute.
  2. a same-sex relationship in Vermont that has the same benfits, protections, and repsonsibilites under Vermont law that are granted to spouses in a marriage.
  3. stop or prevent
  4. Not final, interim
  5. a judicial separation, a divorce a mensa et thoro

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  1. split custodythe right to decide where the child will reside; the actual residence of the child.


  2. Dual DivorceA divorce granted to both husband and wife. A court might award the divorce decree to one party only--to the plaintiff or to the defendant, if the latter has filed a counterclaim for divorce against the plaintiff. A dual divorce, however, is granted to both parties.


  3. desertionThe process of submitting a dispute to a third party outside the judicial system, who will help the parties reach their own resolution of the dispute. The mediator will not render a decision that resolves the dispute.


  4. irreconcilable differencesa divorce decree obtained in a state other than the state where an attempt is made to enforce that decree. For example, a divoce decree that is granted in Iowa or in France would be a foreign divoce when an attempt is made to enforce it in New York.


  5. domestic relations exceptiona document directing a court officer to seize the proerty of someone who lost a judgment, sell it, and pay the winner of the judgment.