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  1. discovery
  2. forum shopping
  3. adultery
  4. joint legal custody
  5. interlocutory
  1. a Not final, interim
  2. b seeking a court that will be favorable to you. traveling from court to court until you find one that will provide a favorable ruling.
  3. c voluntary sexual intercourse between a married person and someone to whom he or she is not married
  4. d steps that a party can take before trial to obtain information from the other side in order to prepare for settlement or trial.
  5. e the right of both parents to make the major child rearing decisions on health, education, religion, discipline and general welfare.

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  1. paymnets that are due, but have not been made (also called arrears.)
  2. A divorce granted to both husband and wife. A court might award the divorce decree to one party only--to the plaintiff or to the defendant, if the latter has filed a counterclaim for divorce against the plaintiff. A dual divorce, however, is granted to both parties.
  3. A divorce obtained in a state to which one or both spouses traveled before returning to their original state. the husband and/or wife travels (migrates) to another state in order to obtain a divorce--usually because it is procedurally easier to divorce there. he or she establishes a domicile in the state, obtains the divorce, and then returns to the "home" state, where at some point there will be an attempt to enforce the "foreign" divorce judgement. If the domicile was valid, theis divorce is entitled to full faith and credit (i.e. it must be enforced) by the home state or any other state at least with respect to the dissolution of the marriage.
  4. fornication between tow persons who live together
  5. a claim made by a defendant against a plaintiff.

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  1. writ of executiona divorce; a court's termination of a marriage.


  2. premarital agreementcourt-ordered spousal support while the spouses are separated.


  3. physical custodythe right of both parents to have the child reside with both for alternating (but not necessarily equal) periods of time.


  4. no-fault groundsa claim made by a defendant against a plaintiff.


  5. groundsfixed so that it cannot be taken away by future events or conditions; accrued so that you now have a right to present or future possession or enjoyment.