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  1. cruelty
  2. legal custody
  3. Ex Parte Divorce
  4. Divorce a Mensa et Thoro
  5. dissipate
  1. a the right to make the major child rearing decisions on health, education, religion, discipline and general welfare.
  2. b a Judicial separation, a limied divorce. The parties are not free to remarry, since they are still married after receiving this kind of "divorce".
  3. c the infliction of serious physical or mental suffering on another
  4. d waste, destroy, or squander
  5. e A divorce granted by a court when only one party (the plaintiff) was present before the court. Teh court may not have had personal jurisdiction over the defendant.

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  1. when a judgment on its merits has been rendered,the parties cannot relitigate the same dispute (i.e., the same cause of action); the parties have already had their day in court.
  2. additional evidence of a point beyond that offered by the person asserting the point
  3. the parent with physical custody.
  4. a bill of divorcement in a Jewish divorce
  5. income that will be assumed to be available regardless of whether it is actually available.

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  1. guardian ad litema special guardian appointed by the court to represent the interests of another.


  2. arrearagepaymnets that are due, but have not been made (also called arrears.)


  3. covenant marriagea form of marriage that requires proof of premarital counseling, a promise to seek marital counseling when needed during the marriage, and proof of marital fault to dissolve


  4. supervised visitationsvisitation of a child in the presence of an adult other than the custodial parent.


  5. irreconcilable differencessuch discord esists between the spouses that the marriage has undergone an irremediable breakdown.