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  1. exclusive, continuing jurisdiction
  2. garnishment
  3. long-arm jurisdiction
  4. separate maintenance
  5. Parental Kidnaping Prevention Act (PKPA)
  1. a court-ordered spousal support while the spouses are separated.
  2. b the authority of a court, obtained by complaince with the UCCJEA, to make all intial and modifying custody decisions in a case to the exclusion of courts in any other state.
  3. c federal statute desgned to combat child snatching and forum shopping.
  4. d a process whereby a debtor's property under the control of another is given to a third person to whom the debtor owes a debt.
  5. e the personal jurisdiction that a state acquires over a nonresident defendant because of his or her purposeful contact with the state.

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  1. a court declaration that a validly entered marriage is dissolved
  2. acceptabel reasons for seeking a particular result
  3. reasons for granting a divorce that do not require proof that either spouse committed marital wrong.
  4. a document directing a court officer to seize the proerty of someone who lost a judgment, sell it, and pay the winner of the judgment.
  5. such discord esists between the spouses that the marriage has undergone an irremediable breakdown.

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  1. summonsan agreement between spouses in a divorce proceeding that one or both will lie to the court to facilitate the obtaining of the divorce.


  2. Limited DivorceA case in which the dissolution of the marriage--the divorce itself--is tried separately from other issues in the marriage such as the division of property. Suppose, for example, that the parties have a bitter and complicated dispute over business assets and pension rights. Rather than waiting until these issues are resolved, the court may have the power to dissolve the marriage now in one proceeding and then resolve the economic issues in a separate proceeding. This allows the parties to get on with their lives (e.g. to marry someone else) much sooner than would otherwise be possible. A bifurcated divorce is similar to a divisible divorce in that both tell us that the divorce has separate parts. A divisible divorce means that not all parts are entitled to full faith and credit. A bifurcated divorce mean that the parts are resolved in separate proceedings.


  3. discoverywaste, destroy, or squander


  4. Foreign DivorceA divorce granted to both husband and wife. A court might award the divorce decree to one party only--to the plaintiff or to the defendant, if the latter has filed a counterclaim for divorce against the plaintiff. A dual divorce, however, is granted to both parties.


  5. Talak"I divorce you" Words spoken by a husband to his wife in a Muslim divorce. It must be spoken 3 times.