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  1. Adversarial Hearing
  2. QMCSO
  3. Bilateral Divorce
  4. guardian ad litem
  5. recrimination
  1. a a special guardian appointed by the court to represent the interests of another.
  2. b qualified medical child support order - a court order requing that a group health plan provide benfits for the child of a parent covered under the plan.
  3. c the party seeking the divorce (the plaintiff) has also committed a serious marital wrong.
  4. d Both the plaintiff and the defendant appear at the hearing or other court proceeding to contest all the issues.
  5. e A divorce granted by a court when both parties were present before the court.

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  1. the personal jurisdiction that a state acquires over a nonresident defendant because of his or her purposeful contact with the state.
  2. "I divorce you" Words spoken by a husband to his wife in a Muslim divorce. It must be spoken 3 times.
  3. the pleading filed in response to a complaint.
  4. a state agency that attempt to enforce child-support obligations.
  5. a court declaration that a validly entered marriage is dissolved

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  1. Ex Parte Divorcea judicial separation, a divorce a mensa et thoro


  2. irreconcilable differencesA divorce judgment that is enforceable only in part. A divorce judgment can (1) dissolve the marriage (2) award spousal support, (3) award child support, (4) divide marital property and (5) award child custody. AS we will see, a court needs more that one kind of jurisdiction to accomplish all of these objectives. The court may try to accomplish all five, but only that part of the judgment for which it had proper jurisdiction is enforceable. In other words, the judgment is divisible int the parts for which the court had proper jurisdiction and the parts for which it did not. For example, assume that a court dissolves the marriage and awards child support. If the court had the right kinds of jurisdiction to award child support, then only the part of the judgment that dissolved the marriage is enforceable. Another state would not havae to give full faith and credit to the child-support award but would have to give such credit to the dissolution itself.


  3. imputed incomeincome that will be assumed to be available regardless of whether it is actually available.


  4. connivancethere was a willingness or a consent by one spouse that the marital wrong be done by the other spouse


  5. crueltythe infliction of serious physical or mental suffering on another


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