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SS Final Exam ch. 1-9

vocab on the finals study guide for Ms. Maloney's Class. please note that with some of these terms, the definition doesn't necessarily cover everything that has to be known about the term. please remember to look in your book for more information chapters 10-18 of the study guide can be found here: http://quizlet.com/1009975/ss-final-exam-ch10-18-flash-cards/ special thanks to Lily Qi for making the chapters 10-18 quizlet
the land bridge connecting Asia and North America
the keeping of slaves as a practice or institution
large estates where a single crop that requires a large labor force is grown for profit
Bill of Rights
a list of the rights and freedoms guaranteed to the people; first 10 amendments to the constitution; there were originally 12 of these, but only 10 were ratified
Judicial Branch
a system of courts to interpret the meaning of laws; the supreme court
Tea Act
a tax the English placed on tea that were shipped to their colonies
changes, as in changes to the constitution
the economic idea that a nation becomes strong by filling its treasury with gold and silver
plan of government
people that were against British rule of the colonies
people that were loyal to the British throne
a society in which a high level of art, technology, and government exists
Legislative Branch
the branch of government that makes the laws; Congress
Executive Branch
the branch of government that carries out the laws; the president and his cabinet
the way of life of a group of people, including arts, beliefs, inventions, traditions, and language
products brought in from another country to be sold
settlement made by a group of people in a distant place that remains under the control of their home country
Declaration of Independence
document written when the colonists declared their independence from Britain
products sent out of one country to sell in another
Stamp Act
tax that the English placed on paper products that were sold in their colonies
Intolerable Acts
the name Americans gave to the series of laws passed to punish Massachusetts after the Boston Tea Party; they were called the Coercive Acts in Britain
French and Indian War
the war fought between Britain and France on American soil; established Britain as the main power on the continent
Articles of Confederation
America's first try at creating a national government; this plan was approved by all states in 1781
conflicts between natives and settlers
this caused arguments and battles with natives in the area
American Revolution
war fought from 1775 to 1781 between the Americans and the British; the war for independence
Revolutionary War Debts
debts caused by the war for independence; paid back when Hamilton was Secretary of the Treasury