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who brought hinduism into india

a group of nomadic people

who were the aryans

nomads originally from asia that speak indo-european dialect

what were the indo-eurpean people like

lived in clans, hearded cattle, sheep and goats

how did the indo-europeans fight

warriors rode horse driven chariots, weapons were long bows and arrowa and bronze axes

when were the indo-europeans driven out


Where did the aryans migrate


what were the aryans people like

herers who lived simple lives, not city dwellers

whjat language did the aryans speak


did the aryans conquer the harappans

no it was probably earthquakes or floods`

who was living in india when the aryans arrived


what two cultures blended in india

aryans tought city life and dravidians tought religion and language

what was the aryan social structure

society was organized into caste system

what was a caste system

people were born into a certain caste that was associated with different jobs

in order list people of the caste system

brahams, ksatriya, vaisya, and sudra

who were brahmans

priests and teachers

who were kskatriya

rulers, nobles, warriors

who were the vaisya

bankers, farmers, merchants

who were sudra

artisans and laborers

who were the untouchables

considered below all other groups and did the jobs no one wanted to do


aryan religion worshiping nature dieties and sacrificed animals to dietes over sacred fire


anchient sanskrit texts containing aryan religion and hymes and 4 collections of prayers and instructions for rituals

how did the indians beliefs change

began to believe theat all dieties were the expression of one diety


epic poems that retells many anchient indian legends

bhagavad gita

telld the story of a warrior, prince arjuna who does not want to fight his friends. krishata tells him he must fight

what did hinduism develope from


who did hinduism worship`


who are the most important dieties in himduism


what is the hinduism belief

reincarnation where people have many lives


what he or she does in life determines what he or she will be in next life


creates a repeating cycle of birth, life, death and rebirth

when does the reincarnation cycle end

when a person achieves a union with god and they realize that their soul is one with gods

how do hindus believe they get to god

follow their path and carry out their assigned duties faithfully. they also meditate to calm mind and do yoga


group of indo-europeans who are believed to have migrated to the indian subcontinent


varieties of language spoken in different regions or countries


process of relocating to an area

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