17 terms

Chapter 5 Drivers Ed. Vocabulary

Center of gravity
point around which an object's weight is evenly distributed
Energy of motion
the energy an object has because it is moving
force that pulls all things to earth
banked curve
A curve that is higher on the outside than it is on the inside.
a sudden loss of air pressure in a tire
force that keeps each tire from sliding on the road
outer grooved surface of a tire that grips the road
breaking distance
the distance your car travels after you apply the breaks
perception distance
distance your vehicle travels during perception time
perception time
the length of time it takes you to identify, predict, and decide to slow for a hazard
reaction distance
distance your vehicle travels while you react
reaction time
length of time you take to execute your action
total stopping distance
distance your vehicle travels while you make a stop
active restraint device
restraint device that you have to engage
force of impact
the force with which a moving object hits another object.
passive restraint device
an automatic restraint device--such as an air bag.
restraint device
Any part of a vehicle that holds an occupant in a collision