29 terms

Unit 4 CBA review

What is the formula for speed?
Speed= distance/time
What is average speed?
Speed/ distance
What is constant speed?
When the speed does not change
What is the difference between balanced and unbalanced forces?
Balanced forces: no movement
Unbalanced forces: movement
True or False: A balanced force will result in an acceleration.
When an object is moving, what kind of force is acting on it?
Unbalanced force
What is net force?
All the forces added together, but with forces in different directions, subtract
What unit is used to measure force?
Ilustrate 2 groups playing tug of war with one force exerting a greater force than the other. Indicate the net forces involved and the direction in which acceleration will occur.
What 2 factors are used to determine the speed of an object?
Time and distance
What is velocity? What is its formula?
Speed of an object in a particular direction. Distance + direction/ time
What is acceleration? How do you calculate it?
Rate at which velocity changes. Final velocity - Initial velocity/ time
What is the unit for acceleration?
What kind of acceleration is occurring if an object is slowing down?
What is the difference between speed and velocity?
Velocity has a direction, while speed is just motion
What is a dependent variable?
"Depends" on the independent variable. DRY mix
Y- axis
What is an independent variable?
Goes by itself, does not depend on anything. dry MIX
X- axis
What is initial velocity?
The velocity an object starts with
What is mass? What unit is used to measure it?
The amount of "stuff" inside an object. Grams
What is distance? What unit is used to measure it?
The space between 2 points. Meters
What is force? Unit? Formula?
A push or a pull. Newtons. Force = mass x acceleration
What is an action force? What is a reaction force? Give examples.
Action force: Force acting on an object. Ex: Push a ball.
Reaction force: Result of an action force. Ex: The ball rolls.
What is friction? Give an example.
Force occurring then any 2 objects rub together. Ex: Rubbing hands together; friction creates heat.
What is gravity? How does it apply to physics?
The force holding everything down. It creates potential energy and pulls stuff down.
What is inertia? Which one of Newton's Laws does it apply to?
The reluctance of an object to change its state of motion.
Newton's 1st law
What is the difference between mass and weight?
Mass is the amount of stuff inside something. Gravity is the amount gravity is pulling on the object.
What does Newton's 1st law state? Formula? Give an example.
An object at rest, stays at rest, an object in motion stays in motion/ the reluctance of an object to change its state of motion. No formula. Inertia.
What does Newton's 2nd law state? Formula? Give an example.
Force = mass x acceleration. F = m x a. A truck has more force than a golf cart.
What does Newton's 2rd law state? Formula? Give an example.
For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. No formula. Pushing a ball.