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Chapter 18

Hamilton's financial plans created a great division b/w North (feds) and South (anti feds)

Chapter 18

Unhappy native Americans loomed to our west and were being encouraged and supplied by the British

Chapter 19

The french Rev. further divided our country with the south in favor of helping France and the north favoring England in stopping the spread of anarchy

Chapter 19

John Adams Finally got his chance to be president, but his ONLY term didn't go well due to the xyz affair, and the Alien and Sedition Acts

Chapter 20

Jefferson had "will in the people" and his support of the farmers made him popular during his time

Chapter 20

Due to a lack of funds Napoleon offered The Louisiana Territory to the U.S. for 15 million$. This gave us the Miss. river which provided out west with a major commercial highway

Chapter 21

the Brits never really left America. This caused the war of 1812. They funded and encouraged the natives and the "war hawks" pushed for a confrontation

Chapter 21

The War of 1812 was a political and military disaster for our country, and thankfully the Brits lost interest again

Chapter 23

The Corrupt allowed John Quincy Adams to become a president in 1824 even though he lost the Electoral College and the popular vote

Chapter 23

The Missouri Compromise allowed for Missouri to enter the Union as a slave state, but it intensified the debate on slavery in our country.

Chapter 24

Jackson was known as a champion for "The Common Man" and his authoritative personality

Chapter 24

The Trail of tears is the sad tale of the removal of Native Americans from GA at gun point. Nearly 1/4 died in their march to the west. This was the low point of Jackson's presidency

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