Chapter 11-12 Late Antiquity and early Christian and Byzantine Art

43 terms by adriennek

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subterranean network of rock-cut galleries and chambers designed as cemeteries


the circular area under a dome; also a domed round building


a Jewish house of worship, often having facilities for religious instruction

Old Testament

the first of the two main divisions of the Christian Bible, comprising the Law, the Prophets, and the Hagiographa

Illuminated manuscript

luxurious handmade book with painted illustrations and decorations


vertical, freestanding masonry supports


the destruction of images


concave, triangular section of a hemisphere, four of which provide the transition from a square area to the circular base of a covering dome


the death of Jesus upon the Cross

Old Saint Peter's Church

basillican church build by constantine


the transformation of jesus from human to son of god often shown in art by a cruciform surrounded by light


the announcement by the angel Gabriel to the Virgin Mary of her conception of Christ


a representation in Byzantine art of Christ harrowing hell


a half-dome


a halo appearing around the head of a holy figure to signify divinity


cross shaped


a roof in the form of a dome


refers to the content, or subject, of an art work, and to the study of it


a 2 paneled painting or altarpiece


The architect who built the Tomb of Galla Placida and also San Vitale (?) A naval outpost on the Italian Pennisula.


Byzantine emperor in the 6th century A.D. who reconquered much of the territory previously ruler by Rome, initiated an ambitious building program , including Hagia Sofia, as well as a new legal code


skin of a sheep or goat prepared for writing on

Greek (Eastern) Orthodox Church

the equivalent of the Roman Catholic Church in the Byzantine East; located in Constantinople


A semicircular area in architecture; It's a painting or relif with a semicircular frame


a figure with both arms raised in the ancient gesture of prayer

central plan

A building in which the sides are of equal length and in which the main space is symmetrical when bisected laterally and longitudinally.

Torah niche

a recession in a wall used to house a Torah

New Testament

the second part of the bible; it tells you about the life and teachings of Jesus and about his followers


calfskin prepared as a surface for writing or painting


a panel with a painting of sacred persons that are objects of veneration (respect/worship)


architectural devices used as a transition from a square to a polygonal or circular base for a dome


Christ as ruler and judge of heaven and earth


patterns or pictures made by embedding small pieces of stone or glass in cement on surfaces such as walls and floors


monumental tomb


An Italian trading city on the Ariatic Sea, agreed to help the Byzantines' effort to regain the lands in return for trading privileges in Constantinople.


an almond-shaped nimbus surrounding sacred figures.


Recessed area, usually semicircular


the 4 New Testament books that relate to the life and teachings of Jesus


the partaking of bread and wine, which Christians hold to be either Christ himself, or symbolic of him


the virgin mary


tiny stones or pieces of glass cut to the desired shape and size to form a mosaic

Hagia Sophia

Most famous example of Byzantine architecture, it was built under Justinian I and is considered one of the most perfect buildings in the world.


A community in which monks lead lives devoted to religion.

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